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Any MOH: Spearhead or AA guys here?

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On 17/11/2017 at 1:07 PM, Lucaat said:


Are there any MOH:AA or Spearhead nostalgics here? I really loved Spearhead online, I played it in clans for years.

Great small maps, fast moving, no dumb vehicles, lean skills :D it was great with mates in ts2/ventrilo and whatnot.

Brest, Remage, Verschnheit, Southern France, Destroyed village, Stalingrad even years after not touching the game I would be able to know every corner by heart :)

One question though, will it be possible to host your own dedicated server on a windows server or linux box? I don't want it for mods which I mostly never liked in aa or sh anyway but do want to run own server and not "multiplay".

Welcome Legend!

I think they are working on  it :D

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