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[CM] BigTuna

Alpha v0.3 Recap

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Hey guys

We again want to say a huge thanks to all the Alpha Backers that played in Alpha v0.3, we had a great amount of people playing this time around despite Manor House still being the only map available. We appreciate all the hard work and time you have all put into the Battalion’s Alpha and all of you are really helping make this game better.

We hope you enjoyed the weapon tweaks and updates we made to Battalion and this was probably our least buggy Alpha build so far thanks to the great work you have all done with feedback and bug reporting.

Some feedback we received from Alpha v0.3 was that the carbines were not as as powerful as people expected. This is correct, they are pretty underpowered, however they have been designed this way deliberately as we are looking into having them as utility classes within our competitive game mode.



  • Most Kills: Bot Alien - 2768

This was a tally of total kills throughout the weekend. Bot Alien was the top fragger in Alpha v0.1, v0.2 and now v0.3. He seems undefeatable and it seems it will take a dragon to knock him off his throne!

Here is a graph to show just how much further ahead this gaming Alien was than the rest. Bot Alien is represented by the large blue far on the far left:

Pasted image at 2017_08_30 11_32 AM.png.jpg


  • Best bug reporting x2: Xtreem & Seekax

This is a really important achievement as bug reporting and discussion of issues is what drives development and allows us to hammer home fixes for Alpha v0.3 and ultimately improve Battalions final state. Big thanks to these two for their feedback on the forum and their commitment to creating something special with Battalion 1944!

There was countless amounts of great feedback on our forum with another great one from Dark and this decision was a close one but these two correlated multiple excellent bug reports, without telling us how we should have fixed it. Instead they clearly described the problems and how to recreate them.

If these three could all message me (BigTuna) when you can then I can arrange their prizes and get them sent off asap.

EGX and more:

We’ll also be attending and showing Battalion on the Square Enix booth at EGX 2017. This will be at the NEC in Birmingham, UK on 21 – 24 September. Come see us, say hey and play Battalion to see for yourself what it’s like.

We have been in contact with Gamers Apparel and had some Battalion 1944 jerseys made up. All of us here at Bulkhead love them and hope you do too so if you’re attending EGX you’ll most likely see us wearing them around somewhere. If you do make sure you say Hi to us.




IMG_9128 1280p.jpg

Big shout out to Gamers Apparel for these so make sure you check them out if you are looking to get some jerseys for your teams!

We have some scary but big announcements coming in September. It may not be to everyone's liking but it will be really good for Battalion. We are looking at ways we can make the biggest splash possible in the new year.

Stay tuned and thanks again guys!
Tuna and the Bulkhead Team.

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