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Hi guys!

I'm a french gamer, fan of ww2 fps games such as COD/CODUO/COD2 that I played a lot as well as modding/scripting.

I used to have a hosted server and built a community of french & belgian players : SFPCOD (Serveur Francais Publique Call Of Duty)

With time, I quit playing video games until I heard of this new ww2 game.


I joined at the very beginning and like many people I got very frustrated with the poor quality of the early version.

For now, it's quite different! The game is good and fun. Thanks for that.

I'm working on a first linux dedicated server in order to get my own space of development. I expect a lot from devs such as map editor and tools.

To me, that's the key!

Thanks, see you on the battlegrounds ^^




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We'll be on tonight aft 7PM EST.  That's probably about 12 or 1AM your time. Server name is 509th #2. Stop. We'll have to get on your server. Our afternoon is probably about your evening. I'll mention to clan members that are retired to watch for your server.

  I just looked for your server, "CTF/DOM Server --- Rifles Only", and couldn't find it. Is that the correct name?

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