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My name is Joakim, it's scandinavian so you can call me Joe.

I am from Norway.

I am a casual gamer so my preferences often change depending on my mood, but if i had to choose one game it has to be The Last of Us.

But i play a lot of games like Rainbos Six Siege, Fallout 4, Witcher 3 and all the other triple A

releases that recieve good reviews and recommendations.

I heard of this game from a post on Facebook which linked me to an article on VG247.com about Battalion 1944 reaching its goal in only 3 days on Kickstarter.

I decided to check out this kickstarter page and i really liked what i saw.

Then i registered to Kickstarter and donated a good amount to this project.

I would like to say good luck to you guys, i know you are working hard and can't respond to everyone. I wish you good luck on your game and i can't wait to finally be able to play it.


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-What's your name?

-Where are you from?

-What are your favorite video games?

-Where did you hear about Battalion 1944?

My name is Tomer, I am from Israel.

My favorite video games are FPS games, mainly WW2 themed ones but I like the modern ones as well. I have been waiting for a next gen WW2 game for so long. I have replayed again and again almost every WW2 game out there because of how much I love the genre.

One of the games I am waiting for the most is Brothers In Arms: Battle of the Bulge but now I have another game to my waiting list.. Battalion 1944!!!! I am so excited, I don't care how long it takes I want the game to come out as best as it could and I want to play hours on it.

Thanks for bringing back the genre to life, really, thank you!

And umm where did I hear about it? Like 1 min after it was posted into Steam Greenlight, I keep following the Green Light for good upcoming games that I want to support and you are one of them! ( I used to work in a green light project as well but got closed down).

Thanks for reading ;)

See you around <3

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Hey! Guys,

Name: Mairtin.

From: Ireland.

Favourite Game: Sniper Elite.

Heard about Battalion via Twitter.

I don't play that many games to be truthful, mostly only play Sniper Elite (series) & Zombie Army Trilogy. I'm used to playing games as a Sniper, but can also 'Run and Gun when it's needed especially in game modes like CTF. I'm not really a Fan of First Person Shooters, but when seen the Video of Battalion 1944 it caught my attention and have to say it looking pretty good :) must say though I'm hoping that the Devs will add the option for users to play in 3rd person as this will open up the game for people who like to play in that view. See so many good games made but Devs not giving players the choice to play in a view that suit them best.

First Time backing something in Kick Starter and went with the option:

Sergeant Founder with Closed Alpha Access! (PC)

- Closed Alpha Access

- Closed Beta Access

- Steam Early Access

- 1 Standard Steam key (Full game)

- In-Game Sergeant Founder Medal & Forum Tag

- Your name in the Battalion 1944 credits

- Original Battalion 1944 Digital Soundtrack

- Personalised Battalion 1944 Founder Dog tags

Looking forward to more details and the game being released :)

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Hello there all.

Johan from sweden here owner of No Shame Gaming since 2004

Been playing MOHAA , MOHSH , COD2 , MOH Airborne , MOHW , BF2-4 , CS:GO

and im really looking forward to a good WWII shooter and this really looks good.

gonna back this game and hope that it will kick some ass when done :)

Already started on a swedish community site design :)


No Shame Gaming


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Hi, Rendori here.

Just became aware of you and your project. I'm a long time Cod player and mapper and just started UE4.

Some of you may have played my CodWaW maps and remakes. I'm keen to move on from Radiant and my total focus so far has been WW2. I'm a bit disappointed in how UE4 does large environments better than close quarter shooting, but hopeful with your background and goals you guys can make it work.

Wish I could throw money at you, but maybe I can be of use in other ways. Map links available on request.

Good luck!


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Hi Everyone,

I'm Huderz, avid gamer for as I can remember and long time FPS enthusiast from England.

Got into Call Of Duty during the time of World At War, I originally played it on the Wii which while it didn't have much of a community those of us that played got on well and I always enjoyed it. Since then I updated to the 360 and ended up buying every CoD up til BO3, over the years I've got sick of the games and I have no enthusiasm to buy it, I need something fresh and something that will always be an even playing field, one of the reasons i've given up on CoD is that it's so hard to compete against higher level people because they always have the advantage with better weapons etc...

I've wanted a WW2 game for a while now that will hopefully recapture the fun I had playing the older CoDs before they went downhill and I think this game is it.

Excited to see where this game goes, I see great possibilities for the future.

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I am Wieland from Belgium.

My first FPS game was Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but after that MP being down, I went on to Wolfenstein enemy territory. And CoD UO.

These day's you can find me in World of Tanks, CoD BO1. And simulator games.

I actually found out about this game on 9gag.


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Hi I'm Tyler

I'm from Virginia

I heard about this game from a youtuber and I was immediately interested, I have had a strong passion for WWII games ever since I got call of duty finest hour when I was a small child and have loved many WWII games from Wolfinstine to men at war assault squad. I can't wait for this game to come out and I look forward to seeing updates on its development!

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Hi all,

Saw a post about this game, watched the video and was instantly ready to back this.

I've backed it on Kick-starter as i genuinely believe that you guys can deliver, i know this game reminds a lot of people of the old COD games, but for me it actually reminded me of the old Brothers In Arms games, games i used to enjoy greatly as an early teen.

Their attention to details seems as precise as yours and i can only hope you deliver what many of use have been hoping and waiting for.

Keep us posted, looking forward to watching this develop.

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Hi all,

Razor here, always been Razor in a form or other in game and forums. I'm from way up north of Norway! Been playing COD, MOH and RTCW since the beginning and followed the COD franchise up to today with gaming and servers. Other then that I'v been playing BF2, BF3 and now a days BF4 :)

Also I was a moderator for IW at the official forums for COD:MW. Did a few community/fan sites and forums for the COD franchise up to COD:MW (codsniper, cod4gamers ++)where actually one of them (cod4gamers) got a mention in the games end credits :)

I got the news of this game from one of my many newsletters, can't remember witch one. Maybe IGN or someting.

Can't wait to test out this game and hope for the love of god that it's as good as mentioned by the dev's!! I really miss a new, modern driven WWII game that will bring back some of the good stuff from COD and MOH, only better and even more skill driven :)

Well, cherio folks, cya around

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Im Samuel from Finland in my mid twentys. Grew up playing MOH's on ps1 and first COD on pc. Have been intrested on wwII since like 6-7 years old watching documents,movies and reading books.

Heard about this game on finnish gamesite called pelaajalehti.com

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Welcome to the forums, Samuel :) .

Thank you Wolf and now im also a proud backer 8-) gonna be so weird to see my name on the credits haha!

Hahaha i know that feeling. Soooo good

Sent from my SM-G900F

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Hey all,

Let me introduce myself.

  1. Nicknames: y!N, y!NMastah and Mastah
  2. Online FPS gaming since: 2003
  3. Competition played: Clanbase (R.I.P) and ESL (briefly)
  4. Games played competitively: Vietcong, COD2, COD WAW, COD MW
  5. Gametypes (in preferred order): CTF, DOM, TDM, HQ, KOTH, SD
  6. Clans (in order of appearance):

Vietcong: TRL, PS| (Prototype Soldier) and {KB} (KillingBrothers)
COD2: {KB}, ATZpac, 156|Acoy, !nfamous
CODMW: Promo (Progressive Movement) B4U (Bullets 4 You) HI (Hostile Intent)

[*] Achievements: Runner up in several cups. Leading Promo to nr1 position on both DOM, TDM and KOTH within 3 months after (Promod) ladders were raised.

[*] Gaming styles: Aggressive / Fast paced / Flanker

[*] Likes: Hardcore mode / skills vs skills / BA rifles / Quick scope

[*] Dislikes: Damage mods / badges / perks / ranking system / Free2Play / cheaters

[*] Goal with Battalion 1944: Helping Battalion1944 becoming a decent successor of COD/MoH type FPS game. Raising a new and dedicated community. Raising or joining clan with ex high COD players.

[*] Backing: 1x Standard Rifleman Backer (PC) and 1x Deluxe Rifleman Backer (to purchase)

@Bulkhead: pm me for any voluntarily (forum assistant) work.

GLHF all.

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Im Austin and I'm from California, in the US. Grew up playing the early COD games, switched over to the later battlefield games and love everything from Rocket League to Arma 3.

But been longing for a good WW2 FPS shooter as most of you are, and didn't really get what I was hoping for or expecting from games like Heroes and Generals, and others. My favorite time playing games is still to this day the joy of playing some COD 2 on the Xbox, nothing really beats that!

So! I'm really excited for everything this game can become and all the work you developers are putting into it! Can't wait!

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Hello everyone,

I'm Vitrix and i'm from The netherlands.

I have played Medal of Honor Spearhead for like 6 years on clanbase and then went over to play the Call of Duty games.

Like most the last years i have been hoping for a good old WWII shooter.

And suddenly last week a co-worker just send me the kickstarter link for this game.

I was like hell yea i'm going to back this :D

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Hey everyone,

Got to start off with saying im so HYPED for this game. Long has this genre been ignored. Modern shooters now are all taking the futuristic path.

Thats abit of contradiction because I come from a Halo backround primarily and also a Call of duty one.

I spent years upon years grinding out Halo 3, although I started with Halo 2. CoD 4 and Waw were my first CoD games. I played the CoD series up until BO1 then I stopped.

Recently Ive been back playing BO3 and a dabble in Halo 5. I usually got back to the master chief collection to play the old school Halo's.

I dabble in some battlefield to, but damn ive been longing for some classic WaW gameplay.

Im a very competitive and dare say talented FPS gamer. I hate loosing, and I much prefer to play against equally skilled players then just pub stomping noobs.

I played Gamebattles for a number of years, finished 10th on a ladder of 24,000 teams in Black ops 1. I come from a search and destroy backround but have been a respawn player lately.

I live in Ireland, so im an EU gamer. I play on Xbox. Happy to get to know some of you and maybe have a little squad ready for when the game comes out! :)

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Can't wait to get back into WW2 after all these years. I remember playing COD 1 and Medal of Honor like it was yesterday.

I'm from the States and I am more old school. I like things such as Halo 2 and the old WW2 shooters that took more skill than simply using gadgets. I miss those types of games, not sure if I'm just getting old or games these days are just not up to par with what we used to play.

BTW: If people want this Thompson userbar in my sig or want a Gewehr one, just PM me.

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hello folks

my name is stu and im from edmonton alberta up in the great white north known as canada.

really enjoyed playing BF2, counterstrike (1.6 and source), DoD, and currently an avid DayZ player. i heard about battalion from another member in the gaming community i belong to (CiD).....i gotta say from what i have seen in the past 15 mins im excited for fps games again. cant wait to get my mits on this one

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