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B1scu1T    5

Hi All,

Paul here, gamer name Biscuit, or B1scu1T (or Bonesquantee as Teamspeak used to say when I inadvertently put my tag into the phonetic section)

I'm from England in the UK and at the moment i'm hooked on strategy games... but desperate to get back into FPS after struggling along with the downward spiral Battlefield has taken, giving up on COD after World at War and nothing else really coming close to peaking my interest in that side of the market.

Prior to the community falling off, I put in ~2000 hours of COD2 (probably more) and ~1500 of COD4:MW. I was pretty active in some of the big online weekly tournaments such as Battle for Europe and Breaking Point (hopefully there is a few other from these?)


Heard about the game through facebook I think...

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bOMBASTiK    0

Moin Moin,

im Dave from northern germany, close to the netherlands ;)

28 years old already and allways remebering the the good old COD4 Promod & ESL times. Missing it, to log on in xfire, teamspeak and ESL page and play some gather (later versus) with some clan mates. Been playing in several CUPS and online leagues, such as Clanbase etc. 

Did a comeback to COD4 last year (top 5 versus players), but the player base isnt huge anymore, there were just some "versus" players left but it still, in so many terms, is the best gameplay in my eyes  ;)

My wish for Batt1944 is that it can tie in on that and it looks really like it could "can" ;)

see ya ingame,



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GarfHUN    0

Well i registered here less then a year ago, and i didn't post anything (silly me), so i'll now fix my shortcomings.

I'm David, 25 years old, and i'm living in Hungary. I played alot with old Call of Duty games like CoD2 and Modern Warfare, but i liked as well some bit different ones like Battlefield series. Currently i playing nowadays Overwatch, Rocket League and Paladins, but of course sometimes i go back to the old CoD games. I missed the kickstarter stuff, but i bought the game from alpha, and i hope my laptop will handle the game (Asus G551JM), untill i getting a new desktop PC. But i'll try making feedback's from the alpha, as much as i can.



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Tone    2

-What's your name?   Tone
-Where are you from?  UK
-What are your favourite videogames?    Chuckie Egg , Quake , Mohaa , CoD
-Where did you hear about Battalion 1944?  Kickfarter

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freak04    0

Hello together, long time no hear! I registered for the forum some time ago but had some stressy times lately. The more I am happy that it is a little bit less stress atm. So my name is Michael and I am from Germany. I love playing WWII shooters (surprise) and I just stumbled over the kickstarter campaign that time. I am really excited to be a part of this whole project with you all and i hope/believe we can make something great here! :)

I am just a guy who loves playing for fun, so my level is not near progaming at all.

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Taskman    0

Looking forward to this game.
Almost forgot it after the kickstart founding over a year ago.

-What's your name: Chris
-Where are you from? Sweden
-What are your favourite videogames? Probably the Metal Gear Solid Franchise.
-Where did you hear about Battalion 1944? Think it was kickstarter where I first saw it.

There are periods I think console gaming is the best but overall I have always ended up coming back to PC.
Might just be the social aspect which I have preferred on PC. Love the idea of old MoH AA as it was a great game and also the old BF and BF Vietnam.
Hoping this will become a great game, I just have to get used to the fast strafe and jump combined with slow paced etc.. All in one which is not what I usually do.

Edited by Taskman

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dadduci88    0

Hey Everyone,

My name is Douglas, and I am from Indiana in the US. I am currently living in Brazil with my wife.

I loved playing video games as a kid. Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, and then eventually SOCOM II. I don't know if I have ever found a game that I could play online non-stop like SOCOM II.

I recently started playing games on the PC. At the moment I am playing PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS and loving it, although I'm really not use to playing on a keyboard and mouse vs. a controller.

I believe came across Battalion on Kickstarter. Thought it was a great concept, loved what I saw in the videos. 

I am really looking forward to playing this today. 

I am not really a big "community/forums" kind of person but I will definitely try to give my input in this as much as possible.

See you all in the game!!

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Orr    0

Hello Ladies and Gents,


I'm Orr (or nomnom depending on the game) I've a vet of WW2 gaming, having broken my teeth on Medal of Honour and Call of Duty, Also known a BPUK Flak way back in the days of COD:UO Rifles only SnD. Been looking forward to this game massively! Anyways hope to see you all in game and get this mother cracked! 


All the best



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My name is Bryan, I'm from the West Midlands Uk. My favourite video games good old shooters, battlefield, older call of duty etc, I heard about battalion 1944 on kickstarter I was a backer really can't wait for this game 

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London, United Kingdom

Both PS4 and PC based player. Enjoy war related topics and games.

(BritishPatriot95 - GoldenEagleUK)

British and proud, great to see and support Bulkhead leading Battalion 1944. Wish the team and players all the best on our future endeavours. Victory at all costs!

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