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From the moment i saw the game, i knew i had to back it! 

What a shame when i saw it didn't have any other options then backing it with a credit card, glad Humble Bundle came by ;-)

Bit about me:

Started out with Vietcong, CTF, which i really enjoyed! Great game to play.
Started playing MOHAA, when the Vietcong scene sadly died, and Vietcong 2, wasnt really that good.
Moving on to CoD2, joined up with some old friends from the Vietcong scene, BRBR, played lots of CTF, won some Eurocups on Clanbase (the good old cb times).
Later on i found out about SD, which i really enjoyed, but kept playing with my friends from BRBR.
Decided it was time to change to CoD4 ProMod, played for Analystic (aG.TT) with pazazu, prophecy, bartYEE, played some LAN's, really enjoyed this game.

Nickname was efX', but some other guy was running around with it as well, so decided to give it a little twist ;-)

After that i just went for casual playing. Sim racing, ArmA 3 until.... This beauty popped up, which i really look forward to.

Back to the roots, back to the old days. Good luck with development!

Maybe i spot some old guys/girls over here, feel free to send me a message.

See you out there!

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