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[CM] BigTuna

Alpha v0.3: Extra Info & Giveaways!

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Hey guys!

So, if you’ve bought into our Closed Alpha package, from this Friday at 6pm BST, you’ll be able to launch Battalion 1944 and see some of the changes we’ve made from Alpha v0.2 to Alpha v0.3!

If you missed our update video and the Changelog you should check it out here. This will give you all the details you’ll need and get up caught up on everything new!

It’s worth noting that in addition to the changes outlined in our last Changelog and video, between the release of this and the launch of Alpha v0.3, we have made a few more smaller updates to Battalion which will need to be tested.

Server list (by region):

  • Europe
  • US East
  • US Central
  • US West
  • Australia


Similar to Alpha v0.2 we will be running giveaways within Alpha v0.3 in return for helping us test the game and providing great feedback!

We’ll be giving away:  

  • 1x Steelseries QCK Heavy Mousepad
  • 2x Hyper X Cloud X Pro Gaming Headset

The categories for winning these are:

  • Most kills all weekend
  • Top Two most useful feedback posts -

There will be two prizes for the the top two. We want to hear both what we're doing wrong and what we're doing right, if you can do this clearly, constructively and concisely you're in with a chance to win! Please keep your feedback confined to what is bad and good about the game. Please don’t only tell us how to fix things as that’s our job as Developers! Thanks. 

These giveaways are designed to act as further incentives for you to play Battalion and to provide us with great constructive feedback.

Misc Info:

As always if you have bought into our Alpha and you want access to our Discord or our Forum Test Zone then message me or Phantasy the Forum or Discord and we’ll work it out for you!

Also, a lot of the Dev’s will be on our Private Alpha Discord Server most of the nights and will be in the servers too so look out for their names in the killfeed.

Happy Fragging and we’ll see you in Alpha v0.3 this Friday at 6pm BST!

Thanks Guys!
Tuna & The Bulkhead Team

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