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Battalion 1944 Bless you

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I'm playing shooters since 15 years.

I've been competitive player in the past when ClanBase/ESL were full of people to compete against.
Since a lot of years this is the game i've been looking for I'm so happy with the work you guys doing. I can't wait till it comes out I'm Hyped as fuck.
I'm one of thousend of players who is frustrated with nowdays FPS and the leak of competitive shooters for PC gamers. I was CoD PC player (the community who make CoD be what it is) till they left PC gamers in the dust and only care about consoles and making $$$$$$ . I see the power in this game to impress many players like me and get a loyal community i'm 100% sure this game will succes and have e-Sports invloved community I hope you dont do the same mistake like CoD did leaving in the dust those who make the game famous and popular... the PC gamers.

Keep the nice work.

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