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Hello, Im a former COD2 player, recently in Brazil we organized the last "championship" of COD2 with 24 teams. Unfortunately the game has died, much due to Xfire being shut down which put the community in a constant decrease in the number of players.

Our community although being small is composed of many oldschool players from 2005-2007, and this game got my and some others hopes up and I would like to talk about what made competitive gameplay awesome in COD2 and what I'd love to see in this game.


1- Static clouds, lots of debris and textures were often used by players as a way to develop well placed grenades.

2- Simple throw and easy to repeat run(counting steps)/jump system to make those go further.

3- The grenades took around 3.5 secs to explode, so throwing in high angles+jumps result in barely touching the floor before exploding, but were more difficult to perform since you dont have many reference points when aiming at the sky.

4- Smoke grenades were a "problem", sometimes you can see inside it, sometimes you cant, added luck to the equation depending on how and where the smoke was deployed/you were positioned. If possible would be great to make it better. Also, 1 smoke per team and a long time duration was interesting. Make a choice and go for it



1- Consistent damage, you know a mp44 takes 3 shots if you dont get the head, you know a kar98k needs a torso/head shot to kill in one shot, and you know a pistol shot even at long distances can finish an opponent who's been shot but no killed by a rifle. This makes the game fair, no inconsistency where sometimes 3 shots kill and sometimes dont depending on which pixel you hit the target.

2- Where you aim with the iron sights is where the shot is gonna land regardless of the conditions of the movement performed by the players, you cam jump and shoot if you have the skills to compensate the fast movement. THIS IS WHERE COD2 SHINED.

3- Pistols were good, but were the only weapons that would not always hit the same spot even when aimed down, even though pistols arent supposed to be very precise, I do think they should work better at "medium" distances.

4- Unlike games like CSGO, COD2 didnt have a predictable "spray" pattern when hip firing, but all gun were still viable at this kind of firing like the M1, MP44, thompson and even the rifles, this is in my opinion the hardest aspect to balance... Snipers also had an almost ideal precision at hip firing, still believe that they could have even a little more precision like 10-15%.

5- No mods, no perks, no nothing... just pick the gun



1- Maps followed a very simple rule of 3 lanes(dawnville, toujane, burgundy, matmata and others), lots of tricky angles, a few bugs but in general very good.

2- Maps allowed for both rush strategies as for slow strategies, burgundy vs dawnville for example, where teams could choose the maps that better suited their style.

3- Bright easy to spot enemies, very few dark places where enemies could have natural camouflage simply by being in a dark spot.


Gameplay in general

Cod2 did reward players that invested in aggressive play-style, those who trained a said shot, like jumping in the beginning of the match in Burgundy as a german and managing to get the american sniper, very few could do it and it changed the whole round when done correctly, but anyway the game gave the opportunity for the player to develop said skill, no limits in the gameplay. I would love to see that again, snipers and rifles were "overporwered" only in the right hands and people who mastered a M1 Garand could most of the times take down a Kar98k player. The game allowed almost every weapon to be efficient at a certain purpose. 


Sorry for the long post, anyway, I would love to help in any way possible. I've played literally thousands of competitive and have hundreds of demos for analysis and a pretty decent knowledge of the game in general, however no coding skills.




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