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Alomvampir    42

Hey Lads!

I am working on a wordpress based webpage at the moment for the hungarian community of the game. Because I'm not a webpage developer I use a pre-made template from WordPress. I translate most of the articles and news and also I post the different videos and interviews of Battalion 1944. This page would be a community hub for the hungarian players and also I would like to make a FB group in the future as well. 

A  question can come up in your mind: Why did Alom post it here? My answer: Because I would like to know what do you think of the idea and if you have any advice please share it with me. I would be pleased if you could take a look at the webpage (linked below) and give a little feedback. Obviously you won't understand a word written there (maybe some) but that's not why I want you to visit the webpage. I want to know how you like the look of it and what would you change.

I will subscribe in the future if I feel it worth the money, because I don't want to spend 'till there is a community which uses the page. 

Link: https://battalionhungary.wordpress.com/

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RAFF    104

Looks really good, great thing you're doing from your community !

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Jeebs    11

Looks good, good luck with your community i'm sure many people will find this useful especially if their English is not to good :ph34r:

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