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Ex cod2/cod4 player, things that need to improve

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Hey guys

Lets all chillax. Sure @HypeRNT didn't research these points having already been discussed but most of his points are the same as what most of you thought. So you all have the same opinions, he was just a little bit late in voicing them!

Please do use the search function in the future as the answers to most of your questions are within this "Dead Forum" ;) but most of your points have been addressed in the past and withing the chat by our "Wannabe Mods" ;) However if you have any more questions about Battalion. DM me and I will be happy to answer them or direct you to places that discuss them.

Cheers guys!

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2 hours ago, [CM] BigTuna said:

...within this dead forum ;) ...our Wannabe Mods ;) 


(as for the rest I'm not even gonna comment)

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