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Any idea on build release?

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Evening gents.


Just finished up a fantastic first day of Alpha, great work so far. My group and I have done a decent amount of unreal modding in UT and such, and are obviously itching to get our hands on a build to start creating some game modes. Now of course, I know we are likely a LONG way away from that being a reality, but I'm curious as to what the plans are, and when we might be able to spin up a server with custom content redirects and mutators.





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I'm also quite keen to get my hands on the build for modding in UE4 Editor, as is @PGL_Thrillzyy who wishes to learn how more about game dev.

I expect this is not a priority for them and with so many dramatic changes coming to the game as it goes through development, it may be wiser to wait until it slows down a bit, but I am sure they are eager to get it out there for us. I will be staying tuned as well!

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