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1 shot kill rifles  

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  1. 1. 1 shot kill rifles or 1 headshot kill/2 body shots

    • 1 shot kill
    • 1 headshot kill/2 body shots kill

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As a experienced sniper on call of duty and battlefield, i do think using the sniper should require skill. But not: headshot == one shot kill. 

I think the best option would be head and upperbody == one shot kill (for bolt action rifles).


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Sniper are supposed to be deadly, a sniper will need his shots to kill their opponents fairly often since we have regenerative health. Even in cod2 where even upper thigh shots were deadly we still often would find non lethal shots happening for various reasons, players not exposing themselves too much, played being shot by the side where bullets hit the arm instead of the chest...

Anyway... every single game that has been considered competitive(CSGO-COD2-COD4 and many others) feature 1 hit kill on most of the body.

Snipers need to be able to take players out of the game, and the other players should try to avoid them at long ranges and surprise them to get the kill.

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