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Reputation System  

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  1. 1. What would you like to happen to the voting system?

    • Have the ability to up-vote and down-vote as much as you can
    • Have an unlimited up-votes and limited down-votes (Current System)
    • ONLY up-votes allowed NO down-votes
    • No Reputation at all.

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36 minutes ago, chippy said:

If removing the up- and downvotes will get rid of all the drama I'm all for it. Is it really that important to people?

I get it, if one gets downvoted it will always help and "feel better" when an explanaation is added why but as @ChubbyNinja said, some might do it simply because they disagree.
The same goes for upvotes, while not "as critical", an additional comment as to why the upvoted a certain post might just be because they agree.

Will there be people trolling and downvoting certain people just for the hell of it? Of course. This is the internet, that's nothing new.


It amazes me how people are getting so worked up over this shit.  Just remove the reputation system entirely.  All it does is encourage the sheep to amass and create arguments between the "mature" population on these forums.  But.. if people can't survive without having their egos stroked, just get rid of the downvoting.

I'd be more inclined to see the introduction of burying posts (by moderators) similar to other boards (cybergamer is what I'm thinking of).  Makes it 20x easier to sift through the crap in threads and get to the discussion which is actually relevant.

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I suppose any system that relies on everyone being altruistic and honest won't work on the Internet. 

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12 hours ago, xXclusiivE said:

Oh this place has been going downhill since the big influx of people that came in around Dec of 2016 and when 70% of the people on here use the down vote button to troll yes when someone explains why they down voted its amazing! guess you really haven't been reading most of the post in this thread and a few others. 9_9

It feels to me like you think because you have a high post count you are somehow higher than everyone else, and they must agree with your POV. I may be new to posting but I was following BAT44 since they launched their kickstarter. 

The patronising response you gave me is exactly why people have a problem with you. I have read the other posts, I think this is my 4th post in this particular thread, so I have been active in the discussion. You obviously like to cause friction.

I voted to keep the votes how they are, but if it's gonna make people feel more secure about themselves I guess remove votes all together.

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Hey Guys

The results are in, the Poll is closed and as I said in the announcement, we are taking the poll results into account and using them to make our decision. 

So, after seeing the poll results it's pretty clear that the majority of people want to Remove Down Votes. Apologies to those who did not vote for this option but we have to go with the majority.

This effect will take place today.  This Topic will also be locked from now. Thanks for your co-operation and for your vote!


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