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Hey Guys!

So Today is the day that we are sending out our Kickstarter Surveys!

Today, all Kickstarter backers that bought into a tier will receive an email to the email address they signed up to Kickstarter with. These emails will contain a survey with all the relevant information we need to know about you in order to get your rewards sent out to you.

If you get any information wrong then you may not get your rewards, so make sure you take your time and fill it out correctly! Not all rewards will come at the same time some may arrive at a later date.

Alpha Backers

Closed Alpha Keys will be sent out 24th and be activated on the 26th May.

For those of you that purchased the Closed Alpha through our Humble Bundle Pre-Order store. You won’t receive any surveys. You will simply receive your code to the email address that you used to purchase it. You’ll receive your codes in the run up to the May 26th Alpha Launch date.

If you are a Kickstarter Backer that purchased a pack which grants you entry into Battalion 1944’s Alpha then you’ll receive an invite to our Closed Alpha Discord. Here you’ll be able to discuss the game with other Alpha Backers as well as report bugs / discuss bugs with the developers.

Over the next month in the run up to the Alpha launch you will be added to our Private “Closed Alpha Forum Page”, this will allow you take part in similar activities as in the Closed Alpha Discord but in a more structured and controlled environment.

Extra Info

The ONLY rewards that are being sent on the 24th May are the Closed Alpha keys and forum tags. Keys for Battalion 1944’s other Pre-Release stages (e.g. Closed Beta and Early Access) will be sent out at a date that is closer to the launch of that specific stage.

All physical rewards will come at a later date.

Summary of dates:

April 28th (today): Kickstarter Surveys sent out
May 24th: Closed Alpha Keys sent out
May 26th: Closed Alpha Weekend play-tests begin.

A full schedule and detailed breakdown of the Closed Alpha weekends will be released soon.

Thanks a lot for all your patience and make sure to fill out your surveys as soon as possible!
Tuna and the Bulkhead Interactive Team

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