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Initial funding goal reached! THANK YOU!

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120% funded so far!

£100,000 in under 3 days! We did it. Battalion 1944 is now confirmed to be fully in development for ‪Steam‬‬, ‪Xbox One‬‬ and‪ ‎PlayStation 4‬‬, bringing World War 2 into the next generation of video games! THANK YOU!

To celebrate, we’ve made a video directly to everyone who has backed and supported Battalion 1944 so far. We’re a little emotional over the support as we’ve read as many of your videos, articles and comments as humanly possible for an independent team. There aren’t enough hours in the day to reply directly to the giant outpouring of support so this message is for every one of you who has helped us so far.

So, addressing the elephant in the room… stretch goals. We have something awesome in the works which a lot of you have been asking for. We can’t wait to show this off just yet but you’ll have to wait a little while longer as we want to show you exactly what it is that we plan to implement into Battalion 1944, to push the authentic WW2 experience to even greater heights.

Until then, you can get a head start by sharing the campaign with your friends or raising your pledge for more rewards to help us reach our soon to be announced stretch goals before anyone else.

Remember; there are only 26 days left to pledge and receive Kickstarter exclusive rewards such as alternate weapon skins and medals, our super limited numbered physical boxed copies, unique customized Battalion 1944 dog tags and the Kickstarter only Battalion 1944 backer t-shirt! We feel these are great rewards to show off to your friends and commemorate that you were a part of Battalion 1944's history.

Our Ultimate Elite Backer tier is also still open! Only one player will ever receive this reward. Good luck to whoever grabs that one!


On Steam Greenlight, we’ve boosted overnight from the #20 most popular item to rank #6! Please continue to show your support by voting ‘Yes!’ to get Battalion 1944 onto Steam. Help us show Valve that, as gamers, we need Battalion 1944 on their platform.


With enough support we might even remind them about the classic franchises they need to revitalize (Half Life 3 anyone?)! We joke, but we seriously can’t thank you all enough for the help so far. Let’s push Battalion 1944 rank #1!

Click the image below to help us out:


Many requests have been received for a non-credit card option such as PayPal. We’re looking into this, just hang on tight!

We’ve seen players have been asking for our Twitch account which we briefly mentioned in our announcement video. We’ll be using the account for full on development streams later into Battalion’s development.

For now, we’ll be doing test streams purely of our 40-minute lunch time Call of Duty 2 games to get used to streaming and interacting with you guys directly, ready for full development streams in a few months’ time. Feel free to follow and join the fun at: http://www.twitch.tv/bulkheadinteractive

That’s all the news for today’s update. We’ll be going more in depth with the game itself in future updates but you can jump ahead and get involved with the in depth discussion on our forums at http://www.forums.battaliongame.com

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