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5 minutes ago, Gom3R said:

Yeah thanks for giving negative reputation because I did not like how the game turned out. Great just great!

i m not down voting but LOOOOL. Did you read what you wrote ?:|

Just for remind :

Seriously? Jumping around like a bunny? Is it possible to undo the kickstarter? This is a JOKE! Keep it realitic! Is this supposed to be a kiddy game without realitic competative mechanics? Try strapping on full battle gear and jump like that. I am soooooooooooo irritated that I supported you now I cannot find the words. I HOPE you FAIL!

Did you really expected positive votes with your post ?? :ph34r:

Be upset by the direction taken by the Dev and explain it peacefully and cleverly is one thing, hoping in their failure is an other. 9_9


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My post was probably a bit harsh and aggresive yes I agree. Not having English as my native language also puts the post in a worse light that it had too. But my point was to point out that this was not in my eyes the product they sold back in the day. It seems to have become alot of COD and very little MOH which was my game. Yes it is alpha footage ect. But jumping up and down on houses like a rabbit does not give me the feel of a proper shooter game. Atleast not the old school type shooter they sold this game as. Well I got my thoughts on the subject and you have yours. 

But back to the rep. system. Still feel it is a wrong way to go about it putting bad rep. on a person for having a meaning. What prevents me from getting all lots of people giving you bad rep? I would rather have a system where you would either report a person or just give him good rep. If a user got lots of rep. he is in the forums eyes a great user if he doesnt have a lot of rep. he is either a bad user or a silent user.


We just have to see how it turns out I suppose. 

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