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Stacks - in-game economy

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And why not just "play" with the weight?

Each weapon (rifle, grenade,...) have a weight.

If you have 1 grenade less than an other on a long distance you will be faster, but than you risk to see that it was perhaps better have more grenade,...


Well, make your arsenal is, as I see, a tactical skill.

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Guys, I haven't problems about downvotes but I like to know why.

The weight idea was so stupid?

If yes why? Perhaps you have good points of view against this idea and I'll really love to know them (perhaps you see something that I haven't see before as a potential problem).


Personally (And actually) I still with my idea:

- you can play as you would but keeping using particular skills that aren't, actually, very common

- you, as player, have to be good to balance your weapon skills with your arsenal and the arsenal of others (perhaps it can be possible, a little bit as in Rainbow Six Siege, to see what your team mates takes... in this way you, player, can choose how you will balance your team for the match)


But perhaps I haven't really understood the in topic focus... in this case sorry if I was OT


Cheers ?

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