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Ideas inspired from Dustins interview with Joe

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I watched the interview and a few ideas popped up. Sorry for bad formatting, need to write this down before I go to sleep and forget.

1. In game market system:

  • I thought it was a good idea not to include a ton of shit low value skins, but include just lower value items that has a use (for example the engraving letters)
  • I think it could be a great idea to allow players who buys "cases" to vote on stuff: for example the next showmatch players in the next lan, or what the next "community friday" event would be
  • Also personally, I would love to see some transparency where the money I have put wen't, for example how much I have payed different skin makers and so on

2. Making a helping community that welcoms newcomers

  • Reward players that actually are helpfull, for example in CS you got the system to give players recomandations. It is not a perfect system, the only "reward" to a person is a small number on your profile, a exclusive skin for 100 commendations for example could be nice. Ofcourse the issue of "Commend for Commend" should be removed somehow.
  • In game "Training Academy". This could be a place that is constantly updated with a stream of for example helpfull youtube tutorials the community makes. This could lessen the "hassle" to find good youtube tutorials on stuff, and make it possible for developers to reward hard work. If your video gets selected = a exclusive skin or somehing?
  • Apprenticeship system: In-game feature to ask for Apprenticeship from a highed ranked player. You could volunteer to pe put as a teacher, and you would be paired with Apprenticeship seekers with lower rank + approximatyly living in the same region. After for example a week of this, the apprentice could vote if the teacher did a good job and the teacher could be rewarded accordingly.

3. Grenades

  • I bet mollies have been suggested a million times before, but what about scramble grenades instead of flashes? They could make noise that cancels out for example footsteps in a small radius for a few seconds. Usefull for sneaky plants / defuses / rotates?

Okay now my mind is so tired that I need to get some sleep. Sorry for spelling mistakes.

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