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New Idea - Weapon Crates

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1 minute ago, Masser said:

If they balance it right, no need to have them be drops. It's the entire point of patches, which since the advent of Steam have been easy :P

I don't disagree, my only worry is that due to balance we end up dull and watered dull versions of the real life counterparts and boring "meta".


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11 hours ago, JameyGunSlinger said:

On a diff note, is there going to be alpha and beta for xbox one?


Ofcourse, he is from the console:p Makes sense now!


Don't buy into alpha mate. This game will be similar to how csgo works: focus on 5vs5 competitive matches without idiotic gimlicks.

You know, there are a lot of people who enjoy playing 5vs5 with 4 friends against a random/premade other team of 5. The fun is in trying to win (outskill, tactics, teamwork,...)


9 hours ago, Oldboy said:

We'll see how it pans out. Both weapons are beastly and if not balanced correctly that magical "meta" you speak of just translates as they could make the other weapons redundant if players have the freedom to pick whatever they like.

Well, you see, there will always be the "best weapon in the game". If you take a look at CSGO, the AK47 and the M4A4/M4A1s are the main rifles. If you would not have the fictional ingame economy and thus everyone would be able to pick and choose the weapon he'd like, you would only see these rifles being used.

However, because there is the economy other weapons need to be used as well (UMP, Famas, scout, tek9, galil,....). I am a big fan of the system as it creates a "game within the game" which keeps playing 30 consecutive rounds really interesting, tense and fun and it can go either way. You can break an economy forcing the other teams on pistols so you can grind some rounds back, etc etc

This is a system that could also benefit Bat44 in many different ways. They can have their own take on it ofcourse, but this would mean that a variaty of guns will be used, it will make playing and watching the game a lot more interesting, etc..

This is also way better then to make every gun as good as any other gun in the game, which is boring as well...

You get the idea.

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Big no for me.

If you play a game alot you naturally have an advantage over newer players since you know the maps, the weapons, common attack/defense positions and all that. Overall you've developed gamesense. That is a big, big advantage and something everyone can learn, some more quickly than others. That means that a person who have clocked 100 hours in the game could have the closed the gap completely compared to somone who's got closer to 500 hours in the same game. Equal playing field with a slighly rough start as it is with any game.

However, if you add in specific weapons and parts that can only be acuired through actual playtime a.k.a. grinding 100 hours versus 500 hours will always be unfair.

At least to me.

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