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another mandatory introduction - solaze

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I'm solaze, 22 years old (I think?) and currently playing csgo sort of competitively but not really because I don't like it that much. I got into PC gaming because of CoD4 ProMod around 2011 but the game pretty much died about a year and a half later. Kind of just played random stuff until 2014 where I started playing csgo which is a good game but it's not really gripping me the same way CoD4 ProMod did.

I'm pretty much here because of ex-pro/streamer/youtuber phantasy talking about this game and describing the movement system the game is trying to achieve. After reading some stuff from the devs and getting a few questions answered by BigTuna on twitter i decided to invest in the alpha in hopes of testing the game and giving some decent feedback. (I also just really need a new game please save me)

I'm not on the whole WW2 games nostalgia, I just like good game mechanics and games that naturally lean towards being competitive games without having to force it. I'd be a liar if i said i wasn't biased towards any mechanic that resembles CoD4 ProMod, but I'll try not to cry about everything that is different in this game when the alpha actually comes out.

I probably won't be super active on the forums until the game actually comes out, but I'll try dropping by every now and then.

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