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Suggestions about MP44

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I forgot to mention something about MP44 that we were not yet able to try @ the Forgotten Soldiers LAN. 
I simply love this weapon the most in any WW2 games, so I hope this gun is made to feel 'just right'.

Again, I wish it's not implemented like it's in CoD2. MP44 in CoD2 has a little too low recoil and a little too low damage.

Compared to CoD2 MP44, I would:
increase the recoil
increase the damage
decrease the fire rate

This way the weapon would need more skill and it wouldn't be almost always used as a spraying gun as the way it's mostly used in CoD2 (little damage, little recoil)
What I would do, is something like in CoD1 or something between CoD1 and CoD2.

CoD1 MP44 <--- this is PERFECT in my opinion

CoD2 MP44

I also wish the ironsight would be kind of like a "block" like in CoD1, not a "needle" like in CoD2.
CoD1 Mp44 ironsight

CoD1 Mp44 ironsight

And please for the love of ... something higher power, DON'T make the model look this thin and small and ... redicilous like it's in Days of War:
Days of War MP44

It would be awesome to get some kind of hint about this weapon @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON @[CM] BigTuna 

Thank you in advance!


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I really hope devs don't shy away from recoil, by implementing legitimate recoil it encourages players to use all 3 styles of shooting an an MP44. Tapping, bursting, and spraying. Instead of just spraying every time, because if recoil is too low everyone would spray in 95% of engagements. 

I personally think it's 100% necessary in creating balanced weapons and I think of it as a formula, with those three variables you mentioned.

  • Recoil (less is more)
  • Damage
  • Fire rate

You can't have a gun which is great in all 3 aspects, or why would anyone use any other gun? For example..


  • Recoil - medium/low
  • Damage - very high
  • Fire rate - very low


  • Recoil - high
  • Damage - high
  • Fire rate - high


  • Recoil - medium
  • Damage - medium
  • Fire rate - high/very high


  • Recoil - very high
  • Damage - very high
  • Fire rate - very high

These are very general stats for a gun and of course it takes a LOT of tweaking to make as many guns in the game viable, but I think the general concept is solid.

There are of course a couple other factors like damage over distance, movement speed, clip size (7/20/30) and spread (shotgun) but I think the ones above are the main factors.


Disclaimer: I don't mean recoil like DoW, that recoil is broken, and has a fundamental problem where the gun doesn't reset position over time. It goes up and it stays up after you stop shooting, imo that just feels clunky. I also don't think MP44 recoil would have to be as high as CoD1, moreso just higher than CoD2/4.

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