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Australian servers ?

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Have we heard anything offical about what stage or if Australia will have a server on release

i know alot  of Aussies/nz  are gonna be playing this soon as it comes out and many many more will return once they find out about this game!

also will we be able to buy servers ? I will be keen on that for my clan and doing prac and scrims ect, cannot wait for this game and to test out alpha :)

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Obviously you now know the answer, but for anyone else who stumbles across this post, yes there were in fact ~12 Australian servers at Closed Alpha 0.1 launch. Absolutely brilliant that the devs haven't forgotten about us. It isn't easy/cheap to host servers here so it's so great to see their support of us. We will be sure to support them back by providing plenty of Alpha feedback.

As for hosting ourselves, they mentioned that this would be allowed and a key part of their mission, as modders will be able to run their custom configs and our competitive theaters. Exciting! I run Pacific Gaming League with a team of people, a few or which are part of this Closed Alpha. So stay tuned, because we have plenty to offer, as soon as they allow us to offer it!

I posted the above 2 paragraphs in reply to this thread on May 29. For some reason it started a whole new thread, rather than a reply. I have just now noticed so reposting here. Deleted the original post it made. If this was moved by mods, I apologise for undoing the changes. I am unsure if it is my mistake or deliberate on your end. Thanks!

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