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Why does epsorts have to ruin every damn game

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Personally I think that all come from us, players.

I'll love maps with many differents approach. It give me more fun and I think that you need more skills/tactic on this type of maps than on a linear one.

On linear maps you know faster where enemies would be, and than you must be "only faster/precise than other" to shot.


On a complex map you have to be coordinate with the rest of the squad.


The only important point, in my humble opinion, is that you have to balance the map... you can't have one side with 50 paths and the other with a single road, or one with an open field and the other with a city (but I'll love them in a 2 round match).


To come back on thread, I think that the actual "competitive" vision is wrong, and yes, it decrease my personal fun.


But it's just my own opinion

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