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Hi guys my name is Alessandro irl and Zane is my in-game name, even tho most of the times it is already taken, but this time I got lucky :D, anyway I'm from Italy and i've been following B:44 for a while, at the beginning I used to be a bit skeptical about the game, but the more I read what the devs say on the forums the more I'm convinced this is the game I'm waiting for.

I used to play on cod4promod as a causal and I've been a semi-competitive player (on console tho) till Ghosts came out. In the past years I wasn't able to find a game that could fill the gap left by the lack of skill based fps games and I really hope B:44 will be able to fill it.

I'm also a programmer and I've created different mods for ArmA 3 and planning to mod the shit out of this game, if the devs allow us to (which I'm pretty confident they will).

Thanks for reading, see ya in game.

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