What kind of mods would you like to see in Battalion 1944?

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I'd want to see less mods, and more customization available to server admins. Coming from games where mods are hard to integrate, I'd love to see a game take the Unreal Tournament tack and have mutators which can be turned on and off easily by server admins to make a custom experience. Mods which require separate downloads/configs/assets are great, but if there can be an easily tuned experience for admins to be able to create scenarios by enabling modules without having to write code, that would be incredible.


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On 2/3/2017 at 9:41 PM, Pinder said:

I'd like to see a movement game-mode mod. Almost exactly the same as CS's KZ.


Movement mods/gamemodes are always a great way to zone out but still improve an aspect of your game besides deathmatching.


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hmm well i would like to see good modded maps maybe some uniforms gun mods and so on that's the best part of the game is being able to have mod's and use them i would love to see some nice gun or uniform camo's :)


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Posted (edited)

I'm afraid what I might post might be repetitive so I won't post it at all. but in the search bar type in New Factions. It is something I said and could be implemented into the final product of the game as a mod.

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Game Mode

(Each game mode, unless otherwise specified, only gives the player 1 life per round.  Once they are killed, they remain in spectate until round is over and then they automatically rejoin the team they where just on)

DODS "Classic Mode"
One side attacks while the other defends.  Match ends when last defender or attacker is slain.  Then roles switch and unit who just defended are now on attack.  There is time between rounds for leadership to prepare defenses and come up with a strategy.  Only certain parts of a map can be defended.

- Recommendation more emphasis is placed on defending a certain land mark rather than last man standing

Strategics Search and Destroy
Defenders have a minute to place a objective anywhere on the map.  Once planted, it creates a radius in which defenders are forced to stay within (say 40 yards).  Anyone not in the radius is transported automatically to where the objective was planted and now "trapped" in case they are a potential Rambo.  

Attackers then have to destroy the objective.  1 life each team.  

Attackers must have one man reach 3 objectives in order from 1,2 and 3.  All the while defenders can use this to move around the map and lay ambushes.  

COD Classic S&D
Defending team gets forced into two teams.  Team A stuck in one part of the map, Team B stuck on the other end.  Maybe kept there by a player block "radius".  

Attacking side must destroy one of the teams and plant a timed bomb.  Once planted, this opens the forcefield around the other defenders who now must attack their other teams old objective and defuse the bomb.  



Server Configs


- Different skins to illustrate who is designated the realisms leader for each side (like Cpt. bars) and squad leaders.

- Ability to upload your own images to be used as a maps in game mini map.  Allows units to draw up private battle plans for a match and assign small units different routes, position callouts, objective numbers and notes.  

- "Match" Config option to disable viewing in spectator

- Remove Teammate icons over heads

- MG Suppression effect.  Blurred/Frantic vision when being shot at.  



- Medic Class instead of self healing.  And/or a blend of the two in which a Medic can heal to 80 health and a player can only heal ones self partially.  


Gameplay Shooting/Weapons

- ADS only way to fire.  If hip shoot is allowed, is wildly inaccurate and very unreliable.

- No Crosshairs

- Nerfed grenades so they do not travel as far

- Ammo count not by rounds, but by magazines / If reloading half empty mag, you lose the rounds inside it

- Unable to fire weapons while on ladders

- Shorter hand grenade and rifle nade timers (2.5-3.5 seconds)

- Larger blast radius of grenades


Gameplay Movement

- No bunny hopping.  Should have a time limit on when a jump can be performed and cannot fire in animation.

- Leaning Left/Right

- Holster/Sling weapons when going up ladders (with animation and climbing animation)

- Slower strafe speed

- Higher recoil while moving in ADS or hip fire


Gameplay Misc

- More Fall damage

- Lower footstep sounds

- No ability to stand on ledges, sign posts or other non-realistic areas

- Voice Proximity (can hear anyone chatting in team talk within a 10 foot radius)



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