First, a bit of information for those interested and not familiar with Unreal Engine 4; Battalion 1944 is an Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), Code Project, which includes C++ classes and not just Blueprints A Blueprint (BP) in UE4 is a form of visual scripting unique to UE4. It's C++ in flowchart/graph form. It allows people to make games without knowing C++ When Code Projects are packaged for release, it runs the code through a compiler and does not package the Code files, only the assets Assets are Textures, Animations, Skeletons, etc. (the stuff you want for making maps, skins or whatever else) From my understanding, although Blueprints are a .uasset they get compiled as well and not packaged. They are, after all, a form of C++   I should note that I have not even tried this next part myself, this is just my understanding of what could work for you. Mostly I work on my own projects and the modding I have looked into for UE4 have only been ARK and Squad. Each of these are found under the Modding section of the Epic Games Lanucher (which you use to launch UE4). Battalion is not there (yet?). If anyone else who has been modding with Battalion 1944 assets, or perhaps the devs themselves, wishes to chime in with better info, please do! Providng the devs have deliberatly allowed this type of thing for modding sake; Alpha backers with Alpha 0.1 installed from the last testing weekend, can navigate to; *Your Steam Directory Here*\steamapps\common\BATTALION 1944 TEST ZONE\Battalion\Content\Paks Then open "Battalion-WindowsNoEditor.pak" with UnrealPak or your prefered method/software You can then use those assets in Unreal Editor by adding them through the Content Browser of the editor and start creating away If the devs have made it so that you can't unpack it, or it's encrypted, etc. then you can get other WW2 assets and just use those
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