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Ladders/tournaments Competition

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On 20-1-2017 at 5:48 PM, Seps said:

ahhh the good old elo ranking system, brings back memories of clanbase...those were the days! COD2 CTF!!!!!!!!

Clanbase is back tbh, its now called Scrimbase, They will have Ladders,cups,tournements for Battalion aswell the moment people have registerd and signed up.

its made by former players for the players, everything is and works exactly the same as old clanbase ;)


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Well the matchmaking system will be in game anyway. However, some sort of league for competitive players would be great. It would help grow the community. Since this game is made mostly for competitive gaming we should create some opportunity to help it get bigger. Anyway if anybody is planning to create some league I am up to help with it, just pm me :).

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You beat me too it. Used search but totally overlooked this (great) thread until i searched for it again just now. (i actually was some time inactive on forums around that time)

But I arrest my case; deleted my post and merged these two togeher! :) 


Howard was referring to this exact thread, from a duplicate thread about the ranking/ ladder system. Therefor his link got disabled in here...

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ranking systems are cool...

i just use to love the caleague style of things..


having one day during the week for match night... and have 2 maps and a 3 if needed... that you scrim other clans/teams all week in preparation for have it go by seasons 8-12weeks with playoffs , doing an open, intermediate, main, invite  (invite only/highest level)

those were the days

having creative people casting the games doing frags of the week every week for all matches with people submitting crazy shots they made...


this was back in the dod days, it worked very well i thought just tossing this out there....

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