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Hey Everyone! Ex-Pro CoD Player & eSports Marketing Specialist

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Hey everyone!

My name is Flux`cc, after talking with the dev's, I am extremely hyped up for Battalion 1944! I have been following the game's progress for most of this year and have decided it was time to officially introduce myself and get more involved, with alpha fast approaching.

I am a 30 year old Canadian marketing major and formerly a professional Call of Duty competitor in rifles-only game mode, in the original Call of Duty. I have also competed semi-professionally in CoD4 Promod.

I have a strong background in eSports, with over 13 years of industry involvement and 5+ years of eSports marketing and organizational / team management experience. I am the former team manager of the CS:GO team that is now under the Splyce organization.

I am extremely excited for this game and hope to see it be successful and have competitive support. I have been waiting for a well-built and truly fun WW2 shooter, to be able to come out of competitive retirement and take another stab at making it to the top. I am always looking to use my eSports knowledge and my marketing education to help teams and/or organizations to succeed in the gaming industry.

I look forward to meeting you guys on the battle field, if you see Flux`cc in game say hi; I love to meet new members of communities I am involved in and build my gaming network.



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10 hours ago, Fluxcc said:

You are absolutely right. I dunno how I managed to mess up that badly and not even realize, I even proof read it for spelling mistakes and glanced directly over it... FAIL

Hehe, happens to the best of us :)

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Dear  Flux`cc


We are overly excited to receive your  professionally put together job application. Our team is overly excited to have such a pro hunk credentials at out door mat, you are more than qualified in what we look  for in our next employee!

Unfortunately it is my biggest grief to be the one to announce that the job position was given to another applicant due to your overly Leet ingame name.

Yours truly, Sol @ Fast Roof Shingles LLC.

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i was also a steady rifle only player in cod 1 and 2 
Nice to meet some cod 2 legends here now :)

Lets hope this game brings back the good times!

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