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3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment (3rd Marines)

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Steam Groups
Public Steam Group for game giveaways, industry news and community outreach
Private Steam Group for active duty Marines and Recruits of the unit

Teamspeak Server
Server IP:



We are a realism unit from a source mod called WW1 Source since March, 2010.  We have since moved and are operating in Days of War since March, 2016.  We have mimicked our structure to that of a USMC rifle line platoon up to battalion organization.  Having served in the Marine Corps, we are able to offer a highly realistic portrayal of USMC culture and familiarity in how we have our unit set up and operate.



Taking aspects of different realism units from games in which a realism community has presence, we have created a blend of everything that we could find to see what works best or could be improved on.  This countless improving has lead to the 3rd Marines to be able to "do more with less" which is very resembling of how the Corps prides itself with doing more with less manpower, older equipment and money.   By perfecting this theme, we have created a highly organized structure that has very high levels of record keeping, attention to detail, individual Marine maintenance, ability to communicate quickly, knowledge of the units SOP throughout and maintaining of high activity and motivation without eliminating vital personal time away from Marines leadership is in charge of.  Another side effect of this attention to perfecting our structure allows for us to keep mandatory playing requirements to a very low and non burdensome schedule of just one unit drill a month mixed in with optional billet weapon try outs, inner squad training and out of game activities to keep those who wish to be more active and involved inb the unit a avenue to always have something within the unit to do.

Example image of a Marines rewards history on their Individual Personnel File



We where not made aware until very recently that Battalion 44 was not to officially release until well after the official release of Days of War.  With this new knowledge, it is not a impossible scenario that we may end up creating a new company to operate in this game.  Depending on how successful we are in Days of War, expansion will likely occur and with the time difference between the two games it is a very likely chance that we will be in a position to do so.  However, as with all expansions, we leave that decision up to our Marines to make by popular vote even though this game would be the likely choice.  Either way, if you are reading this and you are both interested in the 3rd Marines and have plans to play Days of War also with the intention of joining our vanguard platoon that will be created for BAT44, then the 3rd Marines is the place for you.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to add me on Steam to contact me at any time:  FSgt. A. Switz [3rd MAR]








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Hey Major, 

I guess we should get pretty used to running into eachother and other Realism Units who plan to play both games.  I think it is pretty much a given most of us will be in both and probably following the same "what if" scenario like us.  Thanks for stopping by.  

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(I am not sure why, but I can no longer edit my previous topic or reply - must have a time limit on global)

New TeamSpeak Channel

Server: vs34.tserverhq.com:7013
Password: -None Used-
Name: The 3rd Marines Teamspeak





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Come Join Us In Days of War

We are currently active in Days of War and are hosting bi-weekly Realisms (See below for video) as well as conducting early training, joint exercises and inner unit events.  We normally stick to helping other units populate their servers than ours for random pubbing, but can always be found in our Teamspeak while doing so and anyone is invited to come hang out with us while we play.

We are growing at a steady pace and saw our first sets of recruits from the EA launch in January pass recruit training and join our active duty rosters and have room for more!  We have a great system in place and are expected to do very well now that we have shed away from playing in random Half Life 2 mods and in more mainstream titles.  It is the perfect time to get in and get ahead in the unit before we grow even further!


Watch our First Realism


Since this was also a sort of meet and greet event for each out the unit's members, it took some time to get the match underway. Below are the time marks:

We are explaining the rules of classic realism and going over the mid-lines at the 18:00 mark

Plan of attack begins at 37:00

The match begins at the 45:00 mark
(This was also the first realism we have had in a game like this, DODS, COD, etc.  The rules are much different in the game we came from called WW1 Source)



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The 3rd Marines are the epitome of a professional and solid realism unit.  I have a lot of respect for Switz and what he has done so far in DOW realism.  If you're looking for a realism unit that emulates a US Marine Corps unit, look no further! 

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