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Can I already contribute?

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Hello out there,

on my current vacation I stumbled over Battalion 1944 stuff on the www and pre-ordered alpha access as the graphic material indeed looks promising.

I am interested in contributing on a no deadline - no payment basis, so I can do some work in my spare time (which is limited with medical docs ....) and you have no obligations of any kind regarding me. Dislike the result? Trash it. I can handle.

I'd be interested in building a Hürtgenwald map, certainly bigger than just a small town & close combat scenario, on the other hand this might be a good basis in case you guys introduce sort of a territory gametype that has the teams (re-)conquer a large area step by step.

If interested I should have some info on your mandatory beyond-UE4-requirements dev standards if it comes to terrain size, texture file formats, etc.

For a quick look into my current work on a RO2 custom map, check out pics on RGN and this video

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On 03/11/2016 at 0:53 PM, Sven71 said:

I'd be interested in building a Hürtgenwald map.......

Hürtgen forest, I've suffered much pain on that map in Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, Sven O.o.


It's great to have another map-maker join our community. I liked this video of yours, the grass effect is excellent and I love the Kübelwagen, HERE .



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