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Game Type Suggestions for Battalion 1944

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Just a small advice:
You have the ability to edit your posts, so you can prevent excessive posting ;) 

Besides, also this topic has been discussed widely already in existing threads. Please use search bar top right next time.


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On ‎10‎/‎6‎/‎2016 at 8:05 PM, Katterman said:

y!NMastah your idea sounds very interesting. Can you come up with something similar for Operation Market Garden? There are a lot to implement. 

Tell me what you think about the following,..because you have just given me an idea.

Operation Market Garden: A Bridge Too Far

Game Type Mode 1:

 Securing the drop zones around the gliders. Attacking Paratroopers can spawn again whereas German patrols and guards in the area are taken by surprise but if they can hold the key points for a specific time until reinforcements arrive they win.

Game Type Mode 2:

Phase 1:

Trying to capture the bridge by securing key points along the bridge while the defenders try to blow it up. In this point the German troops who try to blow the bridge don’t get to spawn again whereas the British Paratroopers who make the surprise attack in force can. Keep in mind that the Paratroopers will be able to deactivate the demolitions but there is a time limit.

The Paratroopers must secure three points whereas the German Defenders must set demolitions on three points. If the British Paratroopers succeed in securing the Bridge then the game goes to Phase 2 if not the Germans win the match.

Phase 2:

The Paratroopers must hold the Bridge (key points) while the German troops who now attack in force try to take the Bridge back.

 Defending team players (British Paratroopers Only) will not be able to spawn again and can only be spectators if they get killed. If the Paratroopers can hold up to a certain time they win. The Germans must kill every single one of the Paratroopers within a specific time limit.


but they said they are not putting any vehicles in the game then how is that gonna happen?

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