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Battalion 1944 User Interface - Ideas Thread

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ZachGamr    3

90a2d0c605d419ebdb1fb6d9d506ef68.jpgHey guys Waffen-SS here.  

29 minutes ago, TheNunPounder said:

Online ranking system, judged by combination of KD, wins and objectives met, not just by one stat alone.

No KD, KD ruins the team element. 

On 9/9/2016 at 2:53 PM, Farq-S said:

firstly, thanks very much for giving us the opportunity to put forward our ideas.

^^ This guy's whole post.

Remember WaW? driving around those tanks as pretty chill. even though they weren't that good in general.

Now down to the Main course.

1. UI wise, being able to call out enemy locations by directing their location on the mini map of the general location. The mini map should be a 1940's looking map that looks like it came straight from a command post. Not some futuristic modern day map from a video game. Buildings that may have once been their are now rubble, so the maps are now "outdated" they only had maps of what a town once was going into it. So you need to get to know the maps in person. 

2.I expect full Nazi regalia and symbols including the swastika. This isn't a baby game, I understand PR and marketing enough to know it isn't the best to do. I don't know if you guys have already decided to do it or not, but imagery is key. I expect Nazi flags lining buildings as I retake a french city, or a Romanian village. Going soft doesn't make what happened in real life any better. 

3. Main screen wise should look something like this.






having nice backgrounds and other little info on the main page is nice. Simple enough. Next I expect full customization ability of my characters, German,Russian, french, British,american, and Japanese. (or whatever countries are in here I forgot.) Including but not limited too. Symbols, weapon camo's (nothing too crazy) Character clothing and helmets, maybe some facial features and exclusive country characters.


4. The easiest one and last one for now. Take every UI from every game you've ever played and remember what worked and what sucked. Don't use what sucked and your golden. GL!

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benastra    1

Red Orchestra 2 does something cool in the killfeed where it shows how many meters away you shot someone.  I think that could be a cool and simple implementation.  

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keso    2

KEY FEATURES of a successful FPS game:

-Demo/Theater/Record function (VERY IMPORTANT)

-Dedicated servers

-Possibility to customize game mode settings as much as possible



Other Stuff

-Please include drop bomb "feature" (Activision seems to forget every year)

-Make it possible to turn on/off camera/head bobbing effect



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Jusifer    0
1 hour ago, Will said:

I agree with this - ignore the old digital HUD. Go back to 'analogue'

Direction - pull out a physical in-game compass. (unable to fire during)

Position - Pull out a map, finger or something could point to ones actual position

Kill ratio - Notebook in back pocket / notch on gun

Ammo - check the clip?

Some of these ideas probably wouldn't work but my point is, every decision has a physical effect on gameplay.

seconded! To me it would feel the best if we had no hud while on the battlefield. bullets? check the clip. did someone shoot? you can hear where it came from but don't know if it was friend or fiend. see someone in front of you? is it friendly or enemy? don't know until you get a better look. if you just go ahead and shoot you might kill your friend. make everything as real as possible! kills? what does it matter in the end? if you win the objective the whole team is a winner. everyone gets to bragg to each other how many kills they think they had. always think first, how was this in the real war?

okay i know this is not how most people want it and that's fine, but it would be nice to have the option of a server where no one had any hud elements. a server with real war like elements. a wast map where you are given a task to take over a key strategic point of interest and another team has to defend it. one or two lifes per person and 20-50 guys a team.

you should go to a real army practice war. it's all plans and objectives and then when the situation starts it's all a mess. go there and secure that place keep a lookout send us a radio message when there and if there are enemy contacts or sightings. as you progress through the forest you actually need to navigate so that you make it to the right place. if someone fires a shot you don't just rush there like you know who or where it came from. you see if it was somewhere your friend were heading and think, well hope everything is all right we have to keep up with our objective unless some one radios over that they need help or prioritys have changed. 

so basically as real as possible. or at least the possibility of making it like that. 

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Horrid    1

1. Be careful with the colors. There are colour blinds who may have problems with a colorful hud

2. As you see, my English is not very good. For this reason a mod able HUD would be great. Years ago i played CoD 5 and Number 7 from aigaming.net made the SVR-Mod for this game. After asking him, he build a Translation Kit for his mod. So, everyone was able to make a translation for their language or at least writing funny taunts to it. If you need an example, i can prepare a link for downloading this kit.


Game:        Call of Duty: 4/5
Mod:        SVR
Author:    Number7
Support:   http://aigaming.net


Package contents:

local.str    <--  localized strings
perks.gsc    <--  in-game perk selection
print.gsc    <--  line print messages
stats.gsc    <--  hud-stats / endmap stats


Making a translation:

Open the file with a text editor such as Wordpad or Programmers Notepad,
and edit the text between the quotes.  Do not change anything else :)

Using the perks.gsc file as an example to translate "NOT ALLOWED" from
English to German:


case "disabled":    self setClientDvar(dvar, "NOT ALLOWED");    break;


case "disabled":    self setClientDvar(dvar, "NICHT ERLAUBT");  break;


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RobMedd    1

I'm just going to say that I love how in the concept pictures the ammo is represented as individual bullets and not as a number, it looks so much better in my opinion, and the styling is perfect.

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Porsan    0

Just copy the ui of bf1.

It was perfect with scaling of minimap and worked good in high resolution.

Whatever you choose to go with, bu sure that the minimap and ui can scale up to high resolution and are easy to read to people with bad eyesight. 

And not directly related to ui, but i really hope you will support 3440x1440, sli and rebinding of keys. (lefty here, have a lefty arrow user set up a alternative control scheme in addition to full rebinding.)

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Flerincus    2

Hi Guys, 

First off, I know many have already said it, but thanks a lot for involving everyone in this discussion.

I've seen a lot of posts saying keep it simple, and I would agree, however, just because its simple doesn't mean it cant be elegant I.E. I saw one post mentioning no transition animations, I would whole hardheartedly disagree with this, a games content can be fantastic but how it looks and behaves can make or break one I think its really important to have it look fantastic right from the offset.

I would also agree with 'thenunpounder' (mixed feelings about the name) in that there shouldn't be ridiculous jumping boosts or OP perks, keep it to what an actual human could do. I also kind of agree with his ideas on knifing, however, in a battlefield-esque manner, a knife attack from behind should be instakill, you can be a tough as you want, you cant survive a knife in the jugular.

Last off there was one mention of having all guns available to all players right from the beginning, which I would totally disagree with, whilst obviously you shouldn't have some really op or whatever it you unlocked guns throughout the game in the order they were developed during the war I think that would be a very nice touch, and one not often seen in games as these where its just which ones the developers think would be more powerful. (just to be clear, requiring points from kills or assists etc. to unlock the next). 

Well that's all I've to say on the matter. 

Thanks ~


I FORGOT: bullet drop, wind, destructible environments etc.. the whole lot, no stupid sniper kills from 10k away, also vehicles, it doesn't have to be many, and nothing to clunky or silly, but at the very least some gun emplacements can make a map feel much more real, and can make it feel like there's a lot more to do.

Edited by Flerincus
Extra shiz, Grammer
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Revengist    1

Not quite a UI input.... 


Could we have proper mag reloads.... So if you reload you lose what's left in the mag. You have mags remaining instead of bullets remaining. I loved that feature in the likes of RSix Vegas. Would be good to see it again. Would stop people firing 6 bullets of the mag and reloading to have a full mag again :)



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Shenfield99    1

I always liked the active reload feature in Gears of War.

I think it could be tweaked and added to this game, for example if you get a kill within a few seconds of a reload, the active reload icon would appear and if timed correctly you would get a damage boost for your next 5 shots.

If you get a kill within 5 shots, you could get some points and 5 more shots, and it would repeat with more points each time.

Just an idea


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Opt1    2
On 15/09/2016 at 6:13 PM, Soldat Ryan said:

As it is said yet : Keep it simple !

I prefer a "COD2"'s HUD :



COD2 Or COD4, both great not too much clutter and to the point. Not looking for an hardcore hud with little to no information. Maybe that can be an additional game mode which removes those things (Hardcore)


COD4 UI: wheel2.jpg

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Mars_Mullo    2

How about not showing how much ammo you have at all.

I mean if your in a full on fire fight you might not really know unless you have a small in built mag in which you might remember.. but then you might forget.

Why have a health bar at all? Your either alive, tired, stressed, wounded or dead. 

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Mars_Mullo    2

No mini map...  it just creates carnage corridors. Who really has a built in radar any way? How about a note pad instead with a paper map and some sketched arrows or something like you would expect from a mission briefing. It might encourage players to play the objective?

Have a realistic armament layout per squad. If I see ten players all running a Thompson sub machine gun then the game will be naff.

I love the idea of magazine count that was said somewhere above.

Can we slow down the movement rate to be real unlike in BF games where everyone moves like an Olympian.

Something to even up the lag that occours. I live in south Australasia and even though I like these type of games I quit them because me lag in signal means i get butchered before I even see the enemy.

Two man teams for LMG's please. Use the partner system similar to star wars BF where you spawn on your partner. If your partner has the LMG then you have the ammo and the pistol. You share the points for kills or double them if your feeding ammo. If he goes solo the limit it to non belt feed shooting.. perhaps drums only or short belts. Encouraging team work. And removing Rambo's

Perhaps the squad leader could mark a LMG position and orientation which could automatically give extra ammo at that spot to represent the rest of the squad giving up their carried ammo belts to the LMG for a fire position. Perhaps this could be indicated by a coloured transparent sand bag set only useful if laying down and a ammo tin. It could have a timer on it and dissapear after a minimum  time if the LMG pair hoon off and don't play ball. A bonus could be made for  completing the order and bonus for rifle men protecting that position for them to set up?

Maybe a medic or stretcher bearer could place a stretcher which acts as a mobile spawn point. Allowing respawns to occour near the team command. Perhaps only allow it to be placed within 20m of the team leader. This removes the whole problem where people are waiting for another vehicle to respawn to ride back into the front line..or even wasting vehicles as transport instead of a fighting vehicle. Maybe only give the medic a jeep as the mobile spawn point and healing point? Keeping back a bit and alive helps the team alot!

Perhaps only have a platoon sniper as in one in 30. and a team marksman.. being one in ten. Difference could be marksmen have average scope same uniform. Sniper has better scope and camouflage.

Perhaps All platoon snipers act like a LMG team and have a spotter, which could be an AI or dummy but gives you a mini map. And if you get really good you could upgrade to a lone wolf sniper.

Maybe you could engage large machine guns in a real manner. say .50 cals with real devastating results. Cost would be needing four players needing to be gunner, ammo man and two rifles which could include the binoculars the sniper spotters would have. Spotting targets for the gunner and "highlighting" them. Make the kill points high when a full team is present and low and long reload times when few. This could work for a 20mm AA gun for axis too. Positions could be static?

Please make jeeps that have MG's on them only fire when stationary or moving slowly.  The fast jeeps firing all over the place are not cool.

Can we have a combo to break window or push door ajar and toss in an egg/stick.

Can we earn combos after obtaining kills in certain ways. e.g after say 10 hand to hand kills learn a combo to use a body throw or leg kick followed up with cut.

Maybe give a combo for dash and cover between partners. Sort of giving a heightened bonus to spotting enemy when your partner dashes to a cover point. Distance limited of course. Maybe like a scan pulse in SWBF but not so brilliant?

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I'd personally love to see zero HUD, literally just you, your equipment and your weapon. Knowing what your load out is before a match. I can't think of anything better where you find yourself counting your rounds as you lay fire down range. It would add an unprecedented level of challenge to FPS which most shooting video games lack. Especially if you added a feature where you could hold a button and your character would pull his mag to allow you to count your rounds before a reload to help you keep track.  It adds that tactical sense of needing to know what you can or can't accomplish.  It would change the entire way the game is played

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maximus    2

no regenerating health, it undermines a good fight as a player can just hide for a few seconds then pop back out again and there is nothing wrong with an HP bar. Some of the most tense exciting moments in FPS games come from knowing you have 5% HP left, and you are forced to make tough (but sometimes ultimately rewarding) decisions. if you are 100% set on regenerating heath (i hope your not) it should never regenerate above 50% this would at least mean after taking more than 50% damage you are wounded until some for of aid is found.



TAUNTS!  Have the ability to send taunts to the other players, dance on their bodies, maybe even piss on them too.  Must let people know that they are casual scum from time to time.

i feel in a WW2 multiplayer FPS this would be incredibly out of place and inappropriate and only fuels toxicity in a community/game. This is not halo/CoD.

Edited by maximus
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Staheli    1

I really Agree with the idea of keeping it simple. having a look at the concept ideas i really did like the look of it, however i think it's important that you give the user a great or decent deal of control over there UI as players have diffrent styles. so which ever way you go i would like to see some control over the UI, even as simple as scale down or removing something
Keep up the good work.

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Wabbit    15

I'm going to try suggest something different than everyone else. I currently play Overwatch and over my entire life playing video games I have never come across a title that is this polished. Excluding everything from the game and just focus on the UI design, Blizzard have done an amazing job innovating and trying new things. For some reason the whole game has a natural feel about it, when I first started the game, I felt as if I knew where everything was.

It was easy to invite friends to my party, I could see how long their invite times out with a little green bar over their avatar slowly diminishing out. The font style is consistent throughout the game and nothing seems obnoxious to read. Things that are important that you need to know ingame such as being on critical health or getting healed shows around the edges of the screen. 

I know a lot of Overwatches features don't suit Battalion, however what I would like to ask is that you take a look why the way their UI was designed and what their purpose was.


Chat features

Stick with consistent standards, Yellow for notifications (people joining/leaving game, friends logging in/out), pink for pm/whisper, blue for team chat, green for party chat, 'orange? for match chat' (includes both opposing teams and spectators).

Press Tab to cycle through channels once chat is open, display what channel you are speaking in with [Group][Team], [Match], [<display name of pm recipient>] 

Obviously if someone messages you, switch to reply channel and display their name. 



Do what you feel suits Battalion1944, keep things clean, keep the menus responsive and clear.

Unreal tournament Alpha has some pretty sick responsive menus and UI, even if it doesn't suit Battalion, the standards are quite high so I recommend checking it out if it gives you some ideas.

Think of web design standards, I don't want to click more than 2 times to get to where I want, keep steps minimal as possible if you can.

Make it compatible for use of a controller, not only do players who prefer to use a controller will be happy, but anyone who may be disabled in some way may appreciate this very much.

Game settings (Video, Keybinding, Audio, Gameplay, Social, UI) Keep them clear and clean, some games try do things very differently here and their decisions only hinder the user experience. Make these quick and easy to navigate and display their status clearly.

Notifications section, contains new friend invitations, clan invitations etc.

If someone invites you to a group/squad/party, make a window slide and appear on the screen, make it big, noticeable and have keybinding displayed like (Y or N / E or Esc) for accepting the invitation.


Ingame UI

Display ammo in clip

Crosshair (add a few options within settings)

Chat that doesn't have a box around it, just show the text and after 5 seconds it fades away, reappears once user enters chat.

Kill feed top right

Clean objective info top/center of screen

Option to disable UI completely via keybinding for unique playstyle that some enjoy. Make it so there are at least some audio and visual animation cues in game for anything that gets disabled (excluding chat as I imagine someone disabling chat UI will not care for it and if they do, will quickly re-enable UI to check it out) Flash a reminder once it is activated to notify the player that they have disabled the User Interface and can press (selected key) to enable it again. Some people get stuck and don't know how to enable it again because they accidentally pressed the button.

TAB displays all players on the server including names, rank, dropdown menus for muting, reporting, visiting their career profile (which displays stat information).

It's up to you guys, but to me I realised that the enjoyability of an First Person Shooter is to not be aware of how much a player on friendly/enemy team sucks. A lot of harassment can occur just because of nasty players nitpicking on how much someone sucks at the game if they didn't get enough kills, made progress on the objective etc. As a result, this information should be displayed for yourself, but not other players.

To follow up on the last comment, I love Overwatches commendation feature at the end of a match, up to four players who played the best are displayed on screen, and players on the server can give commendation to the player of their choice. There are a couple steps of EPIC and LEGENDARY which offer an awesome feel when received or given. This doesn't count up in any statistics or anything, but as a nice gesture ingame after a match. Just make sure players can't change their choice after their pick. Stats that could be displayed could be 'kills', 'objective time', 'grenade kills' or whatever suites the current gamemode.


Hope my ideas (even though a lot of them are from current games) are useful. I know some people here in this thread are a bit salty of new modern ui designs and I would have to agree with them to a certain extent, however that is only due to bad design choices made by said developers and I know there are some really good modern design decisions that work really well and it's those I think that would benefit Battalion 1944 really well.

Edited by Wabbit
Adding additional ideas

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yiNMastah    104

First of all: great to see so much participation in this thread recently. Seems you gave ear to Farq-S his shout out to contribute!

Unfortunately i tend to see too many 'modern' graphical content asked for to be implemented in a game of which i believed the developers want to give an "oldschool" look & feel.

'Oldschool', as they have mentioned numerous times in their news feeds, does not only mean restricting futuristic game elements to 0, but (at least to me) it also means keeping the UI simple and as "we have know it ever since playing the classical WW2 shooters" from which i still believe COD1/COD2 and even COD:MW are the best examples. Both the action game UI and the lobby UI. You can read all about it in my first post.

Not saying those ideas are the ultimate guidelines ofc, but I for one firmly believe that Battalion1944 received so much positive feedback and backing support, due to the fact the developers aimed for classical game play, giving ear to so many long time FPS gamers out there that are basically 'fed up' with modern day shooters. Both game play wise but also because nowadays, FPS games' HUDS and UI's are cluttered with superfluous content meant to assist the more casual next-gen console gamers.

Concerning the Monolytic HUD idea's: 

I do not know if these ideas are only restricted to the console version but I would like to urge Bulkhead to seriously ease down on implementing their ideas 1 on 1 for the PC version! This 'HUD' is way to much focused on the just mentioned casual next-gen console FPS gamers! PC gamers <> Console gamers in any way when it comes down to FPS gaming.

Let me elaborate:

1: God, that weird compass in the bottom middle of the screen is really not the way to go. Nothing old-school about it and distracts way to much. Also will give lots of visibility issues in bright maps.

2: The moving flag icon in the MIDDLE of your screen is very distracting to say the least and is way to playful. As proposed earlier, use as little icon/visual message as possible and replace them by a simple voice command like in COD:MW (e.g. "Enemy captured B").

If you do decide to implement icons like these (in the end it is your game) i would urge you to NOT let anything pop up anything but make it static. Als NOT in the middle of the HUD but somewhere top or bottom cornered.

3: The thing i was least excited by (read: shocked) was that "team 500xp platoon" birght blue badge in the MIDDLE of the HUD (again). For a console port, fine but i cannot imagine competitive PC gamers enjoying this at all.

My two cents for what they are worth. I took the time to write comprehensive feedback simply because i am allergic to wrongly designed HUD's and doing so could seriously be a reason for me to back out from ANY game. I hope it is appreciated and constructive enough.



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augie21    1

Give us a feature to turn off the HUD completely

when one gets a kill or is capping an objective make a quick satisfying clear sound to indicate, like the ding in BF1

let us be able to put dynamite on teammates to have them run into a crowd of enemies blow up the dynamite to kill the enemies

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Croodi    0

Hi guys,

What I think would be a great feature that would add more realism to the game is an original reload system.

If you reload when the magazine is not empty, you keep the magazine for later use (your remaining bullets do not magically appear in another magazine like in other games).

Players would be extra careful to reload only when necessary.

Otherwise, they'd get stuck with a couple of 5 bullet-magazines that they'd have to change each time... Another feature could allow the player to rearrange his remaining bullets in one magazine, at the price of long seconds spent taking cover.

Just like IRL!

Thanks for involving us and good luck !

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