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{><}Tartan Army Recruitment

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martyB    2

Welcome from the Tartan Army!


The Tartan Army or {><}TA as we are known on the servers was formed in April 2005. Together we set up a community that at it's peak was one of the biggest in the Call of Duty United Offensive scene. We recruited members from many different backgrounds and nationalities and although the name would suggest we are Scottish, we are not, it is merely the clan Founders that are Scottish.
 The {><}TA are a democratic Clan so if your looking for ranks etc then were probably not the place for you. Once you've been voted in as a member, you'll have the same say in the running of the clan as anyone else and can request servers etc. Additionally any donations are purely voluntary and not enforced or expected - after al your here to have fun and we dont want you to feel like to need to pay for that.

We do have a few Admins to take care of the day to day running of things like server payments etc, and should anyone feel they can add more value you can apply to be one of these.

As a community we are currently playing CoD4, Battlefield4, Company of Heroes, Minecraft, DayZ, Arma2&3, Ark, Killing Floor and CS:GO, but a variety of games are played among the members.

We still play COD4 competively although weve moved onto a more relaxed league, FLGL. and we're all looking forward to Battalion to get back to some decent FPS play after the terrible released of COD and sadly BF:hardline. We currently have the 10 man Platoon pack but expect more of our members to join once its up and running.

Feel free to join and have a look around our website where you'll find more info on us and lots more community videos from our current games.


Additionally feel free to join us on Facebook




Some of our older videos...(not best quality was a while ago :-) )


See you on the Battlefield! - MartyB{><}TA


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FrosteR    185

Holy shit you guys still exist? I remember playing COD:UO Rifle Only against you in like 2006 haha

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Syren    3

Haha, in the fragmovie I see I've played against you before. I was in [BBC], my first clan ever. Cool to see! 

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