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New Website, New Forums, New Paypal Store Launched!

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Hey everyone!

For those that aren't yet in the loop, we'd just like to quickly announce that we have just launched our brand new home for Battalion 1944 over at www.battaliongame.com

Our new look Battalion 1944 website!
Our new look Battalion 1944 website!

From there you'll be able to access our brand new (and 100% spam free) community forums as well as our brand new web store hosted by Humble. This will allow anyone who missed the Kickstarter to still gain access to the Alpha, Beta and Early access versions of the game via Paypal!

The cool thing about all of our pre-orders being facilitated by Humble is that 10% of the funds raised will go to charity whilst the rest will go directly to Battalion 1944's development. This is a great way to support the development and make Battalion 1944 even more polished.

If you'd like to support development and pre-order your place in the Alpha, Beta and Early Access versions you can do so right here.

Make sure to tune in tonight!
Make sure to tune in tonight!

Quick message from Senior Producer & Game Designer, Joe Brammer:



Hey guys, Joe here!  

Just to clear up a few misconceptions, if you backed our Kickstarter, you have already purchased the game, so depending on the tier you backed, you will still be able to get access to the game! This Paypal store was launched purely for those who missed the 30 days Kickstarter campaign and want to support development . This does not affect any rewards that will be given to our Kickstarter backers next year.

To keep everything fair, the prices of access to the Alpha, Beta and Early Access tiers mirror the prices of the corresponding Kickstarter tiers. If you were a Kickstarter backer you still receive the backer rewards that only the Kickstarter had access to. Thank you for backing, we will always remember the original 10,000 who backed the project and those who tried but couldn't due to KS Payment issues.

To those of you now considering purchasing access to our early versions of Battalion 1944, come and join our fantastic community. We've been working with them to build Battalion 1944, now we've surpassed the foundation building stage of development, we're onto the real gritty design of our WW2 first person shooter.

Tonight, we'll be revealing one of our weapons to show you the quality of Battalion 1944, we'll be showing you the level of game you can expect from us and showing the gaming world how Battalion 1944 is here to stay and compete in the FPS genre.

Also as a side note for those who are confused; If you purchase the alpha access, you receive all other copies (Alpha > Beta > Early Access > Full Game). You don't need to purchase multiple versions! Thank you everybody, we'll see you on the livestream tonight for our weapon reveal at 21:30 BST (UK time).

  - Joe Brammer, Senior Producer & Game Designer at Bulkhead Interactive



That's it for this update! We're looking forward to talking to you all tonight at 9:30 BST on Twitch and joining the conversations happening over on our community forums. See you there!

- Howard Philpott, Creative Producer at Bulkhead Interactive

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