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The [UKSF] Clan are a social fun group of 18 years + UK and European PC gamer's.

We mostly play the Battlefield Series but we participate in many other online multiplayer games.

We maintain a fun and relaxed environment for out members.

We are an English speaking community.

Our members donations provide [UKSF] with servers, Teamspeak Server, website and forums.

It is our clan members that manage, mantain and administer our website, the servers and Teamspeak.

Our members have top priority in all our decisions, without them there would be no [UKSF] Clan.

We are truly, a Clan driven by its own community.

We currently have 50+ Members with 30 Active most days of the week. Our Teamspeak is ALWAYS active (when the guys are not working anyway!) 

Besides Battlefield we have a number of members playing various other games at a competitive level such as Rocket League, Overwatch and Dota. 

As soon as Battalion 1944 is live we hope to take this game by storm also. If you're looking for a friendly bunch to play games with or socialise, hop on our TS and have a chat.

All information can be found here:

Website intro: http://www.uksf-clan.com/intro

Website: http://www.uksf-clan.com/home

About: http://www.uksf-clan.com/about

Server information including Teamspeak: http://www.uksf-clan.com/servers



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Welcome, guys! You should get on the clan list!

Did you guys play BF2? Remember playing with some UK folks back then and your clan tag reminds me of something, but I'm not sure... I went by PsychoPenguin :P

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