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[CM] BigTuna

Community Classic #2!

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Hi Guys!

It's time to announce our second Community Classic Play Night!

We have a Vlog coming very soon with lots of important development information so prepare for some big announcements in that.

We are gamers first and we want to play as many great first person shooters with you guys as possible. Therefore, this month we will be hosting a Red Orchestra 2 server and inviting you all to come join the developers and other backers for a gaming night on this awesome game!

If you don’t already have Red Orchestra, it is currently on the Steam Sale for £3.74 so go grab it now for a chance to play! The link to this is here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/35450/


These events also give us chances to look at the design of each game we play and judge your feedback on it. So make sure you grab a copy before the Steam sale ends and join us!

This Community Classic will be taking place on Thursday 7th July at 19:30 BST! This is a game that a few of us at Bulkhead have played and like, and some are relatively new to it so you have a chance to show some of us here how it’s done.

Check out the newest Vlog here:

Whether you’re a seasoned Red Orchestra veteran or you’ve never even played the game before, we encourage you to come and experience it with us. The link to our server information is on our Community Classic webpage. There you can also find the server information. Just visit http://communityclassic.battaliongame.com

Let us know you’re joining us and sign your name on the siging up to the Community Classic Facebook event on; https://www.facebook.com/Battalion1944/. We want to make sure the server sizes are appropriate!

After our first Community Classic went so well, we have decided to make it a regular event. We want to get through as many classic games from our past as we can, so keep an eye on the Facebook, Forums and website for updates every month’s Community Classic!

DISCLAIMER: The Bulkhead team are seriously competitive, bring your A game!

Go follow my Twitter ”@BigTunaAlex” and Battalion 1944’s twitter “@Battalion1944” for updates on future community classics!

Some of the Developers will be on the Battalion 1944 Discord voice channels so come hang out and chat with us. We hope to see you on the battlefield, July 7th 19:30 BST!

See you in Combat!

Alex 'BigTuna' Preece

Community Manager

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