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Hello to everyone!

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Greetings from Utah, USA.

Finally we have a new and awesome looking WWII Game.

My interest in WWII started with the WWII Avalon Hill Board games, then moved to the console games (Combat and Dnieper River Line among others) for the Commodore 64/ Atari 400.

I don't think the 486 PC's were even out yet.??

Actually, I think it all started with that first bag of little green army men when I was just a wee lad! :D

I progressed up through the usual WWII games and am currently involved with the H & G Alpha/Beta testing.

Thanks for your time and let's not forget all those who served in WWII.

Because of their service, we are able to have these conversations.

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Thanks for the welcome..

I do think this game will put WWII back on the Top Shelf, where it belongs.

I found out about Battalion 1944 late. After the Kickstarter was over.

But I did see a post about donating through PayPal. Does anyone have any updates as too when

the PP option will happen?

Thanks again!

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