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[CM] BigTuna

Follow the Devs & Me on Twitter for behind the scenes stuff!

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Hey guys.

Just wanted to drop in to recommend that you follow the Devs and me on twitter.

We really want to have contact with you guys on as many platforms as possible and we find twitter the easiest to use in regards to a social media.

You can interact with us all a lot easier on there and you can get a better idea of whats occurring in the office and our lives. As well as possibly getting some sneak previews of things we are working on so it's worth it!

So, go follow our:

Community Manager; BigTuna at @BigTunaAlex

Executive Producer; Joe Brammer at @Brammertron.

Creative Producer; Howard Philpott at @HowardPhilpott

Environment Artist; Alex Korakatis at @MrAngryWhiskers

Thanks guys! See you there!

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