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Battalion 1944 Kickstarter Financial Report

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Hey guys,

As promised, here's the the full writeup of the Kickstarter financial report we said we would share with you all after the state of the union live stream. After investing into our project, we feel It's important for us to be as open and transparent with the community as we can. Not many developers have ever done this, but we feel releasing these financial statistics will let you know the development of Battalion 1944 is in good hands.

A quick message from Joe:

“As game creators, we think Kickstarter is one of the best ideas that the internet has ever facilitated. We’re honoured to be in the position we’re in. We worked very hard through incredibly long hours to get the Battalion prototype done in time to show the world, the community has shown us by putting their hard earned money behind this project that they believe in us and what we’re doing.

We can understand how frustrating it may feel to not have access to new gameplay footage, but as Battlefield 1 has shown us, having a controlled, planned and well-designed release of the first footage of a game can take a game to great heights. After the Battlefield & Call of Duty announcements, we’ve seen a change in the first person shooter genre. We read as many comments as we can and what we’re seeing is that Call of Duty players are beginning to put Battalion 1944 at the top of their list.

For us, this means we’re being carefully watched by the gaming community and we’re going to make sure our first major announcement catapults Battalion onto the screen of every gamer. Every decision we make is for the benefit of Battalion and ultimately all of you. Thank you for having faith in Battalion and thank you for sticking together and helping us all remain on the same side.” - Joe Brammer, Executive Producer at Bulkhead Interactive

So without further ado, here's the Battalion 1944 Kickstarter Financial report:

Click here to see the image version of the report!

Battalion 1944 Fans and Statistics

After 30 days on Kickstarter, we clocked the following stats which we thought you might find interesting!

Total Backers: 10,096

Total Original Trailer Views: 1,045,502 (Bulkhead Interactive Youtube alone!)

Most popular backer tier: Standard Rifleman Backer (PC) with 3,711 backers

Kickstarter Funding

Now for the finances. We’ll try and keep this as text free as possible, but in the interest of clarity, we want to make sure as much information is available to the Battalion community is as possible. Public Kickstarter Figure: £317,241.67

Kickstarter Fees

Kickstarter charge 5% fee for using kickstarter on ‘gross pledges. This means we pay 5% on all pledges regardless of them being paid or not. Kickstarter also have a payment processing fee, their payments are processed by ‘Stripe’ at 3% on gross pledges again, they also charge £0.20 per pledge.

Kickstarter Fee (5% of gross pledges): -£15,240.92

Kickstarter payment processing (3% of gross pledges + £0.20 per pledge): -£11,080.87

Kickstarter failed payments: -£12,423.50

Good news! We only lost 3.9% of the Kickstarter funding to failed payments, this is unusually and amazingly low! So well done all of you and thank you! We had planned for between 18%-25% of payments to fail, this is a fairly regular number from what we’ve heard, but we managed to keep that number miniscule, so thank you!

After Kickstarter

We received payment from Kickstarter 3-4 weeks after the campaign had ended. This is when we began our budget planning. After Kickstarter have taken their cut and paid Bulkhead the money that the campaign earned, it was time for us to look at tax. Unfortunately, we do have to pay tax, however! To maximise your Kickstarter pledge, we’ve successfully managed to minimize the tax hit on the Battalion Kickstarter funds.

Money after Kickstarter cuts: £278,496.38

Value Added Tax on European Pledges: -£32,621.77

Money remaining after VAT: £245,874.61

This is the actual figure of money in from the Kickstarter. Every other game that goes to Kickstarter will have a very similar experience. Many Kickstarter’s fail or die because they neglected professionalism or weren’t business minded enough to accept money from consumers and turn that money into a finished project. We’re focused on having a solid plan that we will stick to religiously, from deadline planning to financial planning; we make sure that Bulkhead has a clear vision in what it’s doing.

This is better for everyone, our fans included. So as you fall asleep reading this information, try to interpret this as us managing Battalion 1944 and being as open as possible with our community to show you how in control of this game we are.

Spend to save!

As with most games, characters and sound are often outsourced. This is because the outsources are usually so good that they can have stability by either running their own specific studio or freelance. We’ll be using a prestigious sound company with a great portfolio of shooters that all of you will have played, we were seriously impressed when they contacted us! For characters we’re using the same character team that made the characters from games such as The Division and Ryse: Son of Rome.

Why is this important?

Bulkhead Interactive’s financial year ends in November. The government sees Kickstarter funding as profit. Businesses are charged ‘Corporation Tax’(20%) based on their profit and not on their gross earnings. This means, the more we spend before November 2016 the less corporation tax we will pay on the funds from Kickstarter. This does NOT mean we’re going crazy and spending everything at once! We are focusing our efforts on spending the outsourced work this side of the year, to maximize the impact of your Kickstarter pledge.

The Turing Test

As most of you know, we have another title coming to Xbox One and Steam in August. Originally we were a first person puzzler studio, that’s how we began! The Turing Test is our second puzzler. Here is the announcement trailer that released in March:

'The Turing Test' Announcement Trailer - August 2016 on Xbox One & Steam

We planned very carefully to announce Battalion 1944 towards the end of The Turing Test’s development cycle. The reason behind this is so we can spring board games onto other games, meaning we can use profits from The Turing Test to put towards the development of Battalion 1944 and help us reach bigger and greater goals. So while you may see a lot about The Turing Test in the next few months, do not fear! Our strategy has been working and everything has been going to plan.


Ingame screenshot from 'The Turing Test'

To be extra clear: None of the Kickstarter finances have been (or ever will be) spent on The Turing Test, but all of the profits will go towards the development budget of Battalion 1944. The next few months will definitely be exciting!

Classic Community Playnight #1

Finally here's a quick reminder that our first 'Classic Community Playnight' will be happening this wednesday! You'll be able to join the Bulkhead developers and play some classic FPS titles to celebrate Battalion 1944's Kickstarter success. For the first Community Classic Playnight we will be playing Battlefield 1942!


You can read the full details here:

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bu ... ts/1574048

Thanks again for your support. Make sure to join the discussion on our forums and follow us on our social media channels!

- The Team at Bulkhead Interactive

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