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Community Classic Play Night #1!

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Repost from BigTuna on Kickstarter HERE:

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bu ... ts/1574048

Hi Guys!

Thanks for tuning in to our livestream! The stream will be available to watch on Twitch if you missed it under our past broadcasts. The full write up of the Battalion 1944 financial report will be posted here on Monday for complete transparency. Thanks again for tuning in.

It’s time to officially announce our first Community Classic Play Night!

We want to play as many classic games with you guys as possible. Therefore, one night every month we will be hosting a server and inviting you all to come join the developers and I for a night of classic first person shooters!

Our first Community Classic will be taking place on May 18th at 19:00 BST! On this night we will be playing Battlefield 1942! This is a game that a lot of us at Bulkhead played when we were younger so we are really excited to share this nostalgic experience with our community!

Whether you’re a seasoned Battlefield veteran or you’ve never even played a Battlefield game before, we encourage you to come and experience Battlefield tonight!

Battlefield 1942 was made free by EA Games in November 2012. You can download BF1942 from the link on the Community Classic webpage. There you can also find the server information! Just visit http://communityclassic.battaliongame.com

Let us know you’re joining us and sign your name on the “Register Your Interest” button! We want to make sure the server sizes are appropriate! We are going to base this on the numbers on this form!

To join the server, all you need to do is click “Add Server” under the multiplayer tab then type in the IP and you’re in!



We are aiming to make the Community Classic a regular event. We want to get through as many classic games from our past as we can, so keep an eye on the forums for updates on information about that month’s Community Classic!

DISCLAIMER: The Bulkhead team are seriously competitive, bring your A game!

We really hope you can join us and share these amazing gaming experiences with us and we’ll see you on the battlefield, May 18th 19:00 BST!

See you in Combat!

Alex 'BigTuna' Preece

Community Manager

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