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Tempoary Community Moderators

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Hello everyone!

Due to us being so swamped recently, we know the user experience has been a little poor on the forums. As a result we've asked 2 or 3 very very active members on the forums to act as "Community Moderators".

These guys have the tag "Community Moderator" under their avatar and will shortly have an orange tag, similar to the developers.

I'd like you all to note; this is a temporary role. We're just working on some behind the scenes stuff involving our community manager starting in April, re-building the website and forums, and frankly being rushed off our feet with meetings for Battalion at the Game Developers Conference.


The Community Moderators are tasked with keeping the forum clean and tidy, bot free, and easy to use for the time being!


These guys only have the power to ban bots & spammers. They can lock threads, but they cannot delete threads. Finally; they can receive and analyse reports from the community.

They are not here to take sides, I've personally picked a few guys who I've had more in depth conversations with. Everyone on this forum has been great so far, I've chosen a couple of guys that are constantly on the forums!

They are not here to settle arguments or squabbles, they are here to help keep the forum, concise, organized, and clean.

If you have any issues at all, feel free to DM me.

I hope this is something you're all happy with, we're working on a long term solution that I think we'll all love!

Thanks everybody.


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