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Is this game dead ?

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I love the game but with time I have the feeling that nothing has changed since the major update : no patches, no fresh maps, no news...

To me, it seems that developpers gave up and the game will stay as it is today.

Hope I am wrong. Just wanted to share this with you.


Moreover, everytime I think about the potential of this game I get the same recurring questions :

When will come the mod tools or at least informations leading to more customizing ?

What is the plan for the coming monthes ?

...and no answers is getting me more and more frustrated!

What about you guys ?


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The game will be released this year.

I think we will have their plan for the coming days this month or in february (only suppositions tho).

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Game will release in February if schedule is met.. We had 2 betas in the last time (december) and will have a few more i guess in January and February..


Last beta included: New maps, New movement (with infinite sprint), new recoil and more.. read some about the beta here:


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We just had a beta test a week ago.  There are many improvements from new and improved maps, graphics, AI programming, interface, movement and gunplay and more.  Also, it was confirmed by lead dev, Joe B. in a Reddit post, that mod tools will be coming, which means community maps, skins and mods!

There probably will be more beta testing.  Check the official Discord under the announcement section, that is where they post the beta testing dates and times.

This title is still a beta, and is supposed to release early this year.

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