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Tue & Thur @ 7pm Eastern - www.509th.net Tactical #2 server

Fri & Sun @ 7pm Eastern - AMI clan server

We will be playing tonight @ 7pm Eastern time.
Play/Internet/Server browser/  www.509th.net Tactical #2 or
direct connect
Everyone welcome to play, just be respectful and follow the server rules:
No Strafe jumping
No jumping/bunnyhopping to move around the map
No jumping around or through corners, doorways, openings
No jumping to avoid fire
OK to jump in order to climb

If you don't like the sever rules or do not want to follow the servers rules, please do not bother as I prefer to play rather than spend my time kicking non-compliant players that don't want to follow the rules or argue about them.  

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Thank you for the post, Ryan.

We pay for and offer populated servers to play on a no cost to you. Just obey the simple rules. That's all we ask.



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