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Active Battalion servers.

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   Ryan of the 506th clan and I are trying to breath life back into the game. I run our "AMI Clan No Strafe-Jumping No Hopping" server Fridays and Sundays 7 - 9 PM EST.

   Ryan 509th is running Tuesdays and Thursdays form 7 - 9 PM EST.  His server: www.509th.net tactical #2

   Please stop in and join us.

   We encourage other clans to operate their own servers. Post times your clan is on and we'll all work to help populate your servers.

   You can rent a server from Ping-Perfect for $1.22 USD a slot. We have our AMI clan server with them. Cheap and easy.

   Click to rent server: https://pingperfect.com/aff.php?aff=310

  Thanks to Ryan and the 509th!!


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I ran three servers a while back but the effort was fruitless when the population dropped so i shut them down.

If anyone want's to rent a Battalion server DM me .50p a slot

GL in trying to populate your servers.

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509th Tactical and the AMI Clan, in an effort to support Battalion 1944, have collaborated to provide a schedule when their community servers will be populated and administered to support gameplay outside the official Arcade servers.

There are rules for playing on these servers, so please follow them.  Players will be subject to being kicked for non-compliance.

Battalion 1944 Server Schedule:
Tues & Thur - 7pm Eastern  www.509th.net Tactical #2 server.
Fri & Sun - 7pm Eastern AMI Clan server.

1.  No Strafe Jumping which is shooting while jumping.
2.  No jumping around or through doorways or corners.
3.  No jumping to avoid fire.
4.  Keep your boots on the ground while moving through the map.
5.  Respect other players, server rules and directions from server admin.
6.  These servers are family friendly, no foul language allowed.
* Server rules are subject to change and may be slightly different depending on the hosting group.

Everyone is welcome to play, however, if you find the rules or style of gameplay is not for you and you can't be compliant with them, then please just move back into the official Arcade and play.

Tactical gameplay is a methodical style of play, which requires good coms and strategy.  Sights up to shoot, work as a team to win the objective, dominate the point or capture the flag. a Team win is an objective.  Having a decent KD ratio for your team is an objective. Being the high score is not the objective.

Tactical gameplay is more like Chess than Checkers.  If you want to or have interest in trying it out, come to visit and play on the above-mentioned servers at the scheduled times.

These servers are open to play on 24/7, however, at the stated times, server admins will be present and enforcing the rules.

Slots fill up fast.  The last 2 weeks have been at or near capacity, so join early!


Good Hunting!

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