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no more update?

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45 minutes ago, CRiSTiANO said:

there is an announcement I saw just now in steam. is that mean there will be no more MU3 & MU4?!

They will be worked on and a mega update handed out around full release. So you are still getting the content, just not until the full release (circa Feb 2019 last I checked)

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I just hope they rework (resize) basicly everything so that the game looks realistic and consistent again. Some new and reworked maps would be great aswell. And I hope we'll get a better main menu at some point in the future.

I would also like to spawn with 1 Frag grenade all the time. Smokes, Flashbangs (idk if these would make sense to get added), Molotovs, gas-grenades, RPGs, Mortar/grenade launchers, mountable HMGs (buildable MG nest), medikit (allows to revive 1 player per round, only 1 per round allowed) gasmask and heavy armor (decreases movement speed but counters explosives/gas) could be interessting to have in the economy system.

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