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[CM] BigTuna

Have you not managed to find your Battalion Code?

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Hey guys

If you are a kickstarter backer and cannot find your code it will most likely be due to these reasons:

1. We sent you your code and it's either still in your email, or it went to you spam folder and got deleted after a set amount of time.
2. You did not fill out your Kickstarter survey 
3. You filled out your survey but filled it out incorrectly
4. You filled out your survey but just filled it out too late

Don't worry though I can help you get it. Just comment on here and I'll see to it that you get your code :)


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I was a backer on Kickstarter (£25) and although I received both a closed beta Steam code (to the Test Zone) and a code for “Early Access Kickstarter Skin(s)”, I never received an actual early access Steam code for the game.

I even kept an eye out on my spam folder during early February when the codes were supposed to be sent out, yet never received an email with an early access code.

Could I please be sent a Steam code for early access to the game.




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