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=.KoG.= Kosmos

=.KoG.= is no longer recruiting.

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We do not support any longer Battalion 1944.

As community servers do not have access to xp gain, players aren't interrested at all in playing on them.

(ya know for the "shiny skins...)

Thus, considering this, keeping servers running is useless, and same case as keeping game installed as i have no interrest in these skins.

Still wish you all the best and maybe we will pop up again if community hosting is no longer treaded as a "side part" of what makes a good multiplayer fps.



(ps: as it's stated in first post, feel free to delete this topic as it's no longer usefull at all for any of us.)

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A shame but really understandable. 

There's a server lack of interest in this game due to many reasons. But BH seems to be focused mainly on Epen** side of the already small community..

and yes, those skins ?

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