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ITT: Post your Environmental Tweaks

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I love the new update with all the new options. Im looking for the best visibility, but there are so many Options and its hard to figure out if u have good settings. So I would like to see how other Players have set their environmental tweaks.

  • Color Strength: 10
  • Color Tint: 5.5
  • Toggle Fog: Disabled
  • Toggle Atmospherics: Disabled
  • Toggle Antialiasing: Disabled
  • Toggle Landscape Shadows: Disabled
  • World Contrast: 0
  • Sky Fade: 0
  • Vignette: 3
  • Lightbounce Power: 10
  • AO Strength: 0
  • Toggle Static AO: Disabled
  • Toggle Detail Occlusion: Disabled
  • Lens Flare Intensity: 0
  • Toggle Lens Flare: Disabled
  • Toggle Bloom: Disabled
  • Exposure Amount: 5.5
  •  Motion Blur: Disabled
  • Kill Aberration: Disabled

Digital Vibrance is at 100%







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