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After seeing the Gallantry LAN I wanted to play the game again and see what the MU2 is all about. A little history about me is below. I've been playing CoD2 competitive since 2005 and later switched over for CoD4. Between the death of CoD4 and Battalion 1944 I've played Overwatch and PUBG. I'm generally a nice guy who get's along with others.

Real name: Paul Polling
Game nick: Xtreem
Age: 27  | Role: Scope, but can adjust with other weapons to fit the team their need!
City: Breda, the Netherlands
Spoken Languages: Dutch, English and German (Can understand 75% of it, speak around 1%)
Activity: I work in a rotating work schedule with early, day, late and night shifts.
LAN’s: Dreamhack Winter 2008, The Lag v1 and v4, Regroup 16, NRG LAN v1 and v2, The Party 5, 7, 9 and 10, LAN-macht, TLS Prague, Campzone 2008, FoM 10.1, 14.0 and 15.0, The Reality 7, CIC 7, AEF 2010, BGLAN v3 and v4, SAGE, ESM, Antec Arena 2012 and GAMEBOX LAN.

Teams CoD2:
Potencial (poEEE, sPi, FEVER, deadeye, Xtreem)
diamondZ eV (stuwow, mEp, prekii, Qic, Xtreem)
mouseFX (bluez, phanz, glowixz, bazu, Xtreem)
Target eSports (rix, fastx, head, hirannor, Xtreem)
proteq eSports (rix, dommel, bluez, pRinS, Xtreem)

Teams CoD4:
MCON eSports (blitzz, wAde, IVO-, Qic, Xtreem)
Regez (xndR, ploxxio, ROBZZ, Rk0, Xtreem)
Versus.Pro (xndR, neyki, kix, pride, Xtreem)
Regez (xndR, switcher, bluez, Xtreem)
ART Gaming (smy, drayen, snatje, stoonez, Xtreem)

Results CoD2:
#1 Benelux Gaming LAN v3
#1 The LAG v1
#1 The LAG v4
#2 Xleague.tv Steelseries tournament (online)

Results CoD4:
#1 Benelux Gaming LAN v3
#2 LAN macht
#2 Antec Arena LAN 2012
#2 Frag-o-Matic 15.1
#2 Campzone 2008
#3 eNeRGyLAN  
#7-8 The Party 7
#7-8 Frag-o-Matic 10.1
#7-8 The Reality VII

Some Old Screenshots


Steam: ppollingx
Twitter: https://twitter.com/XtreemNL
Discord: Xtreem#6612



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Removed a SS

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